Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Charlamagne Says Mo’Nique Needs to Find ‘Peace’ After She Blasts Him for Being ‘Destructive’ to Black Community [VIDEO]

*Mon’Nique‘s and radio personality Charlamagne Tha God clashed last year when she hit up The Breakfast Club to confront him for labelling her “Donkey of the Day” after she called on fans to boycott Netflix over the shady comedy special deal they offered her. 

As we previously reported, Charlamagne didn’t bite his tongue during their conversation, saying. “When I heard you say that you wanted us to boycott [Netflix] because of racial and gender bias … I wanted to know why did you feel like you should have gotten whatever Chris Rock got, whatever Dave Chappelle got, whatever Amy Schumer got … We all know Mo’Nique is a legend, but we also know that those deals that Netflix are giving out are based on recent stand-up shows,” he told the comedian during her appearance on “The Breakfast Club.”

Mo made clear she was not a fan Charlamagne, saying, “you don’t know the history of the business that you’re in, and you sit behind this microphone and you try to be the guru of Black culture. I’m gonna need you to know the history of us before you begin to label us. And once you know the history, you know I’m not saying anything unique, brother.”

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“We have to explain brothers like you,” she added after the interview was over, alluding that he’s a traitor to the culture. “We do. And when we watch that movie, Birth of a Nation, and we saw that man walk his wife into the master’s house, we watched him walk his wife in, we watched him go back and get her, you’re that brother.”

More than a year later, Mo’Nique is sharing her thoughts about Charlamagne once again — this time in an interview with Comedy Hype. 

As noted by MadameNoire, when asked about his mental health advocacy in the Black community, Mo’ noted: “I won’t even accept that,” she said. “Stop it, Lenard! You’re advocating for mental illness?” (Lenard is Charlamagne’s real name)

“I’ve seen and heard of the destruction that brother has done in our community. I’ve heard the poison that he’s poured out over the air in our community,” she added. “Now everyone’s allowed to change, but I think that the only way we make change in our community is first acknowledge that we were part of the damage.”

Charlamagne caught wind of what she said and responded by advising Mo’Nique to find peace. 

“Unlike Mo’Nique, I hold myself accountable and acknowledge my BS,” he said. “I’m praying for Mo’Nique. I want Mo’Nique to find the healing she needs. She’s been talking about the same things and the same people for the last 15 years. I’m new to the conversation, but the Oprahs, the Tyler Perrys, the Lee Daniels, everybody else, is always the problem. And even if those people did her wrong, she got to let that hurt go because it’s not good for her mental health.”

He added, “I really do pray that she finds it in her heart to forgive them because it’s the only way she’s going to find peace, because I don’t hear a woman who’s at peace.”

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