Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Kimberly Klacik Started Trump’s Sh*t Storm Against Elijah Cummings That’s Still Raging – WATCH

*Kimberly Klacik is a perfect example of how you get stuff done. Or, how to start some sh*t as they say. She’s the one that sparked Trump’s sh*t storm directed at Elijah Cummings.

And what did Klacik do to start said firestorm? Armed with a camera and a Twitter account, she posted on social media video of blight and trash in West Baltimore that caught the eye of Fox News and then President Donald Trump, who over the weekend launched a blistering attack against U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Klack is a member of the 6th District Republican Central Committee and cable news commentator.

“The President saw my work,” she tweeted Saturday. “This just made my day.”

Klacik also appears to be enjoying her newfound fame as her Twitter followers grew exponentially from about 16,000 to close to 76,000! She in sudden demand, but with that, she’s become a target. At least that what she says because she got word that unidentified liberal journalists were planning a “hit piece” on her.

Klacik also wants people to know she’s not a bad person. She thinks folks should just ignore Trump’s tweets and concentrate on fixing the problem of West Baltimore.

“Hopefully people understand I never had bad intentions,” Klacik said in an interview. “I never wanted this to become a political mess. I wanted Baltimore officials to see these conditions and to do something about it.”


kimberly klacik - handout
Kimberly Klacik raised her public profile and angered Baltimore residents and leaders when she went on Fox News and provoked the president into a tweet tirade. (HANDOUT)

Here’s More via the Baltimore Sun:

Klacik, who grew up in Accokeek in Prince George’s County and attended Bowie State University, said she initially wanted to become a broadcast journalist, but shifted into political activism. She said she has aspirations of running for office.

“One day I would love to,” said Klacik, who declined to give her age. “I’ve learned a lot about the GOP and why they have issues getting more voters.”

Klacik said she got the idea to make her videos after seeing Cummings speak out against conditions migrants are held in at the Mexican border, while also saying on ABC News that residents in his district were afraid of Trump. She runs a nonprofit called “Potential Me,” which does work at the Gilmor Homes in West Baltimore, including giving out clothes, and thought he should show the same outrage for the conditions there.

So, she picked up her Sony camera, drove to Riggs Avenue, and started interviewing residents.

“Residents constantly call the city to remove trash, no one shows up for months. Rats & roaches are a problem in almost every home,” Klacik tweeted in one of several posts. “Illegal immigrants at the border live in better conditions than Americans in West Baltimore. This is @RepCummings district.”

With Cummings’ committee voting recently to subpoena communications from senior White House officials, a producer from Fox News called Klacik and invited her on the show “Fox & Friends” on Saturday morning.

The president is a frequent viewer.



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