Friday, August 19, 2022

John A. Moore Addresses Juanita Bynum’s Claims That He Saw Her Underwear [VIDEO]

*Pastor John A. Moore and his wife Kenya have responded to Dr. Juanita Bynum’s claim that Moore entered her Hilton hotel room while she wasn’t there and saw her undergarments laid on the bed.

The alleged incident left Bynum so distraught, she had to back out of a preaching event over the weekend at Moore’s “Breaking The Rules” conference at his Experience Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, per Atlanta Black Star

“The fact that I’m getting ready to go and stand in somebody’s pulpit who’s seen my underwear, I’m sorry people, I just felt naked and I still do and just felt so violated,” she explained in a Facebook Live post on Sunday. 

Moore was not too pleased that she too her issue with him to social media, instead of addressing him directly. 

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pastor john moore, Juanita Bynum
Pastor John Moore (L) of Experience Church in Chesapeake, Va., and televangelist Juanita Bynum (R) | Facebook: John Moore; Juanita Bynum

“Through miscommunication, misunderstandings and a Facebook Live post, the details and frustrations have been made public,” he says in the clip above. “We want to be the first to apologize for any misunderstanding, miscommunication, disrespect and offense. We always operate from a place of excellence.”

“We are saddened and heartbroken that it has played out the way it has,” he added. “We are heartbroken that her offense was aired on Facebook as opposed to an in-person conversation or over the phone.”

The pastor’s minister wife also denied a rumor that her husband planted a camera in Bynum’s room.

“Today we want to refute those allegations as they are personally and professionally offensive, derogatory and highly unacceptable,” said the pastor’s wife.

The couple says the misunderstanding occurred after the pastor went into Bynum’s room with hotel staff to make sure it was up to par. When he entered the “hallway of the suite,” he saw luggage in the main room and only then did he realize that Bynum had already checked in but wasn’t inside the room — so he immediately left.

Minister Moore claims Bynum’s accusations that the pastor saw her underwear came from a conversation she had with her assistant and the hotel manager. 

Scroll up and hear the couple explain it via the clip above.

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