Friday, May 27, 2022

Blac Chyna Fans Slam Her ‘Toxic’ Mom Tokyo Toni After Their Fight on New Reality Show

tokyo toni & blac chyna

*Blac Chyna and her toxic mother Tokyo Toni are putting their volatile relationship on full display in the new reality series, “The Real Blac Chyna.”

The mommy-daughter duo recently reconciled after years of not speaking to each other, but in clips from Chyna’s new show, they nearly come to blows after the former stripper tells Tokyo that she wasn’t present enough when Chyna was a child. 

 “Nobody took care of your a** but me …” Tokyo fries back at her daughter’s accusation, calling her “disgusting,” a “b****” and a “whore.”

“When!? When was I never there?!” she screams. “Nobody took care of your a** but me. Not your motherf***ing grandmother. You can’t name one thing she bought your a** in life. Name it, I’ll wait! One thing! You lied on me. You lied on me!” 

Watch the explosive moment via the clips embedded below. 

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While Chyna tries to keep it cool, her mother is clearly itching to fight. 

“You put your hand in my face again, I’m going to stretch your a** across this motherf***ing kitchen,” Toni warns. “Keep your hand out of my face. Don’t touch me no more. You do it again…I’m gonna rock your world.”

Tokyo then says in her confessional: “I don’t care what your mother did to you,” Tokyo explained. “I don’t care if she sold your p***y to an army…you still better respect your mama.” 

As noted by Hollywood Life, after the premiere episode, fans hit up social media to slam Toni’s behavior and nasty attitude. 

“Blac Chyna is over 30 and her mom treats and talks to her like this, imagine her childhood,” one person wrote.

Another said, “So now that everyone sees who raised Blac Chyna, can we finally give Angela the respect she deserves?”

A third person added, “I honestly feel SO bad for Blac Chyna…you can tell her mom was a f***ing psycho growing up.” And in reference to the “respect your mama” line, a fan ranted, “THAT’S the problem that a lot of our parents have. I don’t have to respect you if you neglect, demean or abuse me just because you’re my parent.”

Blac and Tokyo recently revealed that they’re in a good place after filming “The Real Blac Chyna.” However, she has no interest in returning for a second season.  

“The Real Blac Chyna” airs on the Zeus network. 

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