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Carmelo Anthony: Mystery Beauty Seen Yachting with NBA Star Revealed

carmelo anthony + sarah

*The curvaceous beauty who was spotted on a yacht in the south of France with NBA star Carmelo Anthony has been identified as Sara Smiri, according to multiple sources. An insider revealed to Page Six that she’s married and Smiri is “not her current last name.”

Sara and the former Knicks star were spotted sunbathing on a yacht last week, prompting blogs to speculate that Melo is cheating yet again on wife La La.

A source confirmed to Page Six that Smiri is 28 and single, despite Anthony releasing a video shooting down the cheating rumors and claiming she’s married. 

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Hours after the photos circulated, Carmelo spoke to TMZ sports and said the woman was actually on the yacht with her husband and the rest of her family. He claims he was there with a friend while in Europe on a “business retreat.”

“Y’all trying to expose somebody’s wife,” Melo said in the clip. “Y’all exposing somebody’s kids. Leave that alone, man. That ain’t cool.” 

“The only reason I’m addressing this is because this is affecting my family now and you got me out here looking crazy. Usually I won’t address this, but I had to address this,” Anthony said in the TMZ clip.  “Can’t let this one slide, because this sh*t ain’t cool no more. Peace.”

Meanwhile, an insider said to Page Six of Sara, “She’s married. Her husband is extremely private. They have a beautiful child. Her brother was even attending.”

On Thursday morning, La La seemed to respond to the images of her man with the mystery blonde by posting then deleting a photo of a bloody heart with a bullet through it on Instagram — suggesting she has been left heartbroken by betrayal. 

Another insider confirmed that the couple, who separated in 2017 and reconciled the following year, are still together. But a different tipster told Page Six that La La is currently in therapy.

“She has trust issues and does not trust him fully,” after Carmelo allegedly fathered a child with Mia Angel Burks, who resembles Smiri — see the Twitter embed below.

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