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What’s the Best Way to Travel With A Dog? 15 Tips For Success

*According to the Insurance Information Institute, approximately 60.2 million U.S. households have a dog. Woof, that’s a lot!

For some families, traveling with Fido can feel like a hassle. Having a plan in place, however, can make it as easy as a walk in the park.

Here are 15 of the best ways to travel with a dog.

With these tips, you and man’s best friend can enjoy your vacation together. Now it’s nothing to bark about!

  1. Think it Through

Before you pack those bags, make sure traveling with your dog is best for you both.

If your dog is sick, injured, or pregnant, it might be best to leave them at home. This applies if they’re easily aggravated when routines are disrupted, too.

Will your dog end up alone in a hotel most of the time? In that case, they might be better off at home with a sitter.

  1. Research for Rover

Research rules and policies beforehand.

That includes quarantine laws and transportation restrictions. Don’t forget to make sure the hotel allows pets as well.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Before your trip, get your dog accustomed to drives to new places. This can help them get used to a travel crate and ease their anxiety.

  1. Visit the Vet

Your vet can issue a health certificate stating your pet is healthy and good to go.

That way, they have the necessary vaccinations to travel, too.

  1. Comfort is Key

Make sure your pet is comfy while you’re traveling. That includes keeping the car cool and giving them their own place to rest.

You can use this dog crates sizing chart to find the perfect one for your pet.

  1. Never Alone

Don’t leave your dog alone in the car. This can make them anxious or lead to heatstroke.

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  1. Feeding Time

Start with a light meal three hours before you leave. This can help you avoid carsickness, too.

  1. Drink Up

Keep your dog hydrated with frequent rest stops.

Buy a no-spill travel bowl before you go.

  1. Stop for Walks

The best way to travel with a dog is to stop often. Let your dog stretch their legs and burn energy. That way, they’re tired during the drive.

  1. Pack Toys

Pack your pet’s favorite toys to keep them occupied.

  1. Say No to Nausea

If your dog gets carsick, buy ginger capsules or speak with your vet.

  1. Look for Locals

Have emergency numbers for the area you’re visiting, just in case.

  1. Buy a GPS Collar

Dogs often jump out of the car at rest stops. Buy a GPS collar and make sure they’re identification is clear.

  1. Flying Fearlessly

If you plan on flying with man’s best friend, you can check out these resources from the Federal Aviation Administration for more guidance.

  1. Puppy-Proofing

If you’re traveling with a puppy, remove hazardous items from the car and hotel.

That includes pen caps, water bottle caps, and loose wires.

Tail-Wagging Tips: The Best Way to Travel with a Dog

Everyone’s tails are wagging with excitement! With this guide for the best way to travel with a dog, you’re set to go.

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