Wednesday, August 4, 2021

NEW ‘For the Record’ Podcast: Why Steven Ivory Calls Cardi B ‘Cirque du Soleil Hip Hop’ – LISTEN!

Cardi B

*On a new edition of our podcast For the Record, host Lee Bailey and longtime music industry colleague Steven Ivory take a few moments to pontificate upon the relevancy of Cardi B in light of her new release, “Press.”

The former stripper/reality star-turned-rapper, whose raw and uncut authenticity has won over millions of fans, including a gushing Oprah Winfrey, does not impress these two music journalists … other than her feature on the Bruno Mars throwback hit, “Finesse.”

Ivory, in particular, is highly offended by Cardi’s well-known and unabashed obsession with money, her decision to postpone her tour for a plastic surgery procedure, and her message to disappointed fans that she chose the nip/tuck route because she’s too busy making money to hit the gym.

“Oh the irony,” says Ivory. “Lady, if your whole thing is visual, then working out is part of the regiment of your gig.”

steven ivory1a (front page pic)
Steven Ivory

Ivory calls her hustle “Cirque du Soleil hip hop,” but he doesn’t think she’s all bad.

He tells Lee: “I think we all make the mistake, especially guys like you and I, we make the mistake of putting so much on an act like this – and it is an act. We say, ‘Where’s the real music?’ But she’s not meant to be that. If you’re looking for something that is truly tangible beyond what she is doing, then you’ve got to go someplace else.”

Listen to Lee and Steven’s entire conversation below in our latest For the Record podcast:



  1. I can’t fault Mr. Ivory for his opinion, but the radio days are gone. You can call her a circus act if you too but this circus act is what’s making her name ring bells right now, you have to be a full on entertainer meaning it has to visually look good and you have to give the people of her generation what they want, their type of music, their type of videos and their type of story.

  2. Cardi B is a clown and I can’t wait until her 15 minutes are up. It is unbelievable how much crap gets promoted and accepted in this world. Unfreaking believable. This chick got awards. And when are we going to get enough of the plastic surgery? Never. It’s always easy come.


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