Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cassie’s New Guy Said to See Right Through Diddy’s Pregnancy Congratulations

cassie - alex fine - diddy

*As we reported earlier, Sean “Diddy” Combs publicly congratulated his longtime ex-girlfriend, Cassie, and her new guy, Alex Fine on their pregnancy.

While a lot of folks gave him props for “taking the high road,” it seems Alex Fine (like many others) saw through Combs’ post for what it really was.

Here’s more via Bossip:

On the surface, Diddy seems to be showing his ex-girl of 11 years love on her new found happiness. Unfortunately for Puff, Alex Fine liked this comment on Instagram insinuating he thinks “Brother Love” is actually bothered:

“Diddy really tried to steal your moment along with your photo. I think people can see now who he really is. He has no place in the future you have both built, you’re obviously a man with heart, integrity, and the right values. Blessings to you all.”

To post the congratulations message, Diddy swiped Alex’s picture off his IG, tagged Cassie in it and left him out — something people found weird. He also made dozens of headlines over how “mature he is” now. Nice press for him.

So even though he did “say” nice things, apparently some don’t believe it was sincere. We can only wonder what Cassie is thinking about the gesture.

If anyone knows where Diddy is really coming from, it’s her. Remember, they were together for over a decade!




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