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Shaunie O’Neal Says Rumor About Evelyn and Her Ex ‘Affected Relationship Between Tami And I’

Shaunie O’Neal BBW

*Season 8 of “Basketball Wives” returns in a few days and a new promo clip shows series creator Shaunie O’Neal addressing the status of her friendship with Tami Roman following the rumor that Evelyn Lozada had slept with one of Shaunie’s exes.

Fans of the reality series witnessed Tami spill the tea about Evelyn and the ex, but it was co-star Jennifer Williams who tipped Roman off about the rumor more than a year prior.

As noted by MadameNoire, Shaunie can’t wrap her head around Evelyn being so shady that she would bed her ex, and the disturbing rumor impacted her relationship with Jennifer and Tami.

“I don’t think Evelyn would ever do that. In that moment, I just wanted to know, who made this up? Who’s lying? Because I never thought Evelyn was guilty of that. I really didn’t,” she said.

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“I think that that whole mess definitely affected the relationship between Tami and I,” she added. “I didn’t want it to because I did feel like Tami was telling me because she gave a damn, but I think that what was in question was ‘when.’ This has been going on for so long or you’ve known for so long. Why now?”

Meanwhile, Evelyn was pissed that Tami shared the information and believes she only did so to create drama and tension.

“I felt very set up. Tami knew what she was doing,” she said. “These conversations between Jennifer and Tami happened a year and a half prior. Why would you wait until this very moment to bring it up while we’re filming? You could have had this conversation with Shaunie behind the scenes if you really were this concerned friend.”

Shaunie insists she doesn’t hold any ill feelings toward Tami, but Tami ain’t buying it.

“I was appreciative of her letting me know. She was the only person that told me, so I was a little torn,” Shaunie said. “I think that because of it, Tami thinks I feel a certain way about her or that it changed us, and that was never my intention.”

“I immediately called my ex because of course this was going to go on television,” she added. “I had to give him some type of warning. I can’t repeat what he said but it had lots of vulgarities involved and one woman was called out of her name several times in the conversation. I don’t think he likes her to this day. I ain’t sayin’ no names.”

Jennifer, however, doesn’t understand why such a big fuss was made over the rumor about Shaunie’s famous ex-husband. 

“Obviously my relationship with these women changed,” she said. “Tami, I was like, okay, you’re definitely on bullsh-t so I’m cool. I don’t never need to rock with you ever again. And obviously Shaunie was upset about the rumor but it was like, listen honey, this can’t be the first rumor you’ve heard about your ex.”

“Basketball Wives” returns June 19 at 8 p.m. on VH1

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