Monday, May 16, 2022

Porsha Williams Hit with $27k Tax Lien + Baron Davis Close to Settling Divorce

Porsha Williams
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*“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams previously settled one massive IRS bill for $240,000 and now the mother of one has been hit with an additional lien from the state of Georgia to the tune of just over $27,000

According to court documents, the state has slapped the reality star with a lien over unpaid 2017 state taxes.

The lien claims Williams failed to pay $19,935 in taxes, including interest and other feels, which brings her total amount owed to $27,846.34.

She was accused by the IRS of “owing unpaid taxes for 2009 ($405.39), 2011 ($174.72), 2012 ($4,611.76) 2015 ($37,524.65) and 2017 ($197,907.58) for a grand total of $240,624.10,” The Blast writes. 

She quickly handled that debt and now only has to handle the state tax debt, the report states. 

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In related news, former NBA star Baron Davis and his estranged wife, Isabella Brewster-Davis, have informed the court they are in the process of finalizing their divorce.

According to The Blast, the two have exchanged financial information, a sign that they are close to wrapping their divorce proceedings.

Back in 2017, Isabella filed for divorce from the NBA star following nearly four years of marriage. The two share two kids and she was gunning for primary physical custody and spousal support.

The Blast notes that Baron never filed a response to her petition, and until last week, there had been no movement in the case since December 2017.

Davis and Brewster have not been publicly bitter towards each since the split and he even shared some love for her via a Mother’s Day shoutout on social media, writing, “‘Mommy’ happy Mother’s Day from the Davis Boyz!!!! Thank you for life and love and for two of the best gifts in the world Kingman And Luke-Alden …you are a great mom and lan amazing person. Super talented and creative. I honor you and appreciate you!!! Love ”

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  1. These ballers, never learn. When, the money is right! So are the pick of the litter of Golddiggers! When, will they ever learn! Maybe iuf they took the time, to remember where they came from, and who was there for them, before the glamour and mansions. Divorce, wouldn’t even be in there future! Everybody needs somebody! Especially as you grow older. Its better to know you have a real friend, wife, than a fake, woman, who is only there for seconds. #Ijs #Wiseup

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