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Here’s How You Can Send Cards and Flowers to Maleah Davis’ Private Funeral

maleah davis

*A private homegoing service for Maleah Davis has been scheduled for June 22 at the Richardson Mortuary funeral home, according to her obituary.

The community can send flowers, private condolences and sympathy card through the Richardson Mortuary’s website. The obituary can be found here.

The sickly four-year-old was reported missing May 4 by her stepfather, Derion Vence. He was arrested a week later on a charge of tampering with evidence and has remained in jail since.

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Maleah’s remains were found in Arkansas and according to community activist Quanell X, Vence confessed to him that he had dumped her body and that her death was the result of an accident. 

Meanwhile, the cause and manner of Maleah’s death remain under investigation. Vence is the prime suspect in connection with her disappearace. 

Here’s how to contribute to her funeral:

In related news, teddy bears and toys are being collected for the child’s funeral, ABC reports.

A sign displayed at the apartment complex where Maleah lived with her family goes on to say the toys will then be given to the Houston Fire Department. There’s also a painted mural honoring the little girl on the apartment’s fence.

Maleah Davis – Derion Vence

Meanwhile, in related news, a Harris County jail inmate claims he gave Houston investigators the location of Maleah Davis’ body May 26, five days before community activist Quanell X spoke with suspect Derion Vence in jail.

David Chalfant, 50, said he spoke with Vence and convinced him to reveal the location where he dumped a garbage bag containing Maleah’s remains.

Chalfant told the Houston Chronicle he was among a few inmates on the 6th floor who weren’t yelling threats at Vence.

On May 22nd, Vence wandered over to Chalfant’s cell begging for extra food. Chalfant handed him crackers and soup, and the two men talked about Maleah’s final hours alive.

Chalfant said Vence told him Maleah “died in her sleep, that she had the flu.”

“He says, ‘Man, I didn’t kill her,'” said Chalfant, who was sentenced Monday to 25 years in prison for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

The older inmate said he asked Vence to write down the location where he disposed of Maleah’s remains.

“He wrote, ‘Arkansas, feeder road, black trash bag, Hope exit,'” Chalfant said.

Chalfant sat down twice with investigators on Sunday, May 26, to tell them what he knew. He said the 2nd meeting with investigators was on May 30 – the day before Quanell X interviewed Vence.

Investigators asked Chalfant to wear a wire the next time he spoke with Vence, which he agreed to do, but he said he never heard from investigators again.

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