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‘Head Count’ Starring Ashleigh Morghan Invites You to Get Your Horror On

*Do you enjoy thriller and horror movies?  If so, there is one coming to theaters and more this Friday, June 14, that you may be interested in checking out.

Head Count” is about a group of teenagers who spend the weekend in Joshua Tree, a desert in California.

While the group is sitting around the campfire exchanging scary stories, Evan (Isaac Jay), the newest member of the group, finds a horror story online, conjures up a shapeshifting being and the weekend is never the same.

Strange and unexplained things begin to happen to the group, as they try to figure out what is happening and why.  “Head Count” also stars Ashleigh Morghan (“Snowfall” and “The Land”) as Zoe, the only single person in the company of couples, that is, until Evan comes along.

I recently had a telephone interview with Ashleigh, where we discussed “Head Count” and other items that are on the plate of this charming and talented University of Akron graduate, who still looks young enough to play a teenager at 29 years old.


ashleigh morghan
Ashleigh Morghan

Ashleigh explained the cast spent two weeks on location in Joshua Tree, California filming the movie and shared, “we really enjoyed filming this project; a lot blood, sweat and tears.  The scene where there is gunshots in the distance and they are hiking up that hill like eight times, you get a nice little workout there.  That was fun.  We just had a really good time.”  She hopes that people will take the film, “moment by moment and enjoy it and not try and figure things out.”  Ashleigh believes the key to seeing a horror movie is to see it more than once, saying, “the first time you see it to enjoy it and the second time you try and figure things out.”  I saw it three times, so I should have it all figured out.

Ashleigh won an award at the Los Angeles Film Festival for her portrayal of Zoe and shared:

“It was kind of surreal winning an award for my performance.  I really felt drawn to the character early on and playing a monster was new to me.”  She is happy that her performance was well received.  Ashleigh shared that she had never done a horror movie before, saying “horror was kind of one of those genres that I was a little afraid of and once I read the scenes I really enjoyed them and once I read the script, I felt fully attached.”  She continued to say, “I feel like Zoe and I have so much in common and we’re very similar in how we approach things, so it made it kind of general and natural for me to play her when I was on the set.”

head count - teens desert - screenshot

“Head Count” was made in 2018, as an independent film that although it had screenings, it was not actually released.  It has now been been picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Pictures and will be showing in theaters on June 14.  I for one am glad people will get a chance to see this film.

Although I admit to not being much of a horror/thriller fan, “Head Count” was a good film and one worth watching.  Was it a masterpiece?  No.  Was it entertaining?  Yes.  Will I be going to see it in a theater so I can see the audience reaction?  Most definitely!  See you there!

marilyn smith
Marilyn Smith

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