Friday, January 28, 2022

Kevin Hart: ‘My Dog’s A Basket Case!’ (Watch)

*This weekend, take your kids to see their favorite fur friends!

‘Secret Life Of Pets 2’ starring Kevin Hart as the voice of Snowball the bunny hops into theaters and before the premiere, EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas talked to the funny man and co-star Lake Bell – who voices Chloe the cat – about animals at restaurants and grocery stories.

Secret Life Of Pets 2, kevin hart
‘Secret Life Of Pets 2’ Snowball voiced by Kevin Hart

Q: How do you feel about the take-your-pets-everywhere trend?

KH: There’s three different kinds of pets. There’s your pet that’s wild and you’re like, ‘who’s animal is this? The other version is kind of trained but you don’t trust it and you’re wondering…is the owner close? Then there’s the elite where the animal is damn near human. I’ve seen dogs trained to communicate on a human level like when you see people tell their dog, ‘Charles get in the chair’ and the dog gets up and gets in the chair! I don’t mind when those animals are around because I’m so mind blown.

My dog don’t listen for sh**! My dog don’t know how to act! My dog is at the lowest level…people come to my house and I have to put my dog up. My dog is violent. My dog is a basket case. In the house he’s cool with us but the minute someone comes over you would think my dog was treated so poorly…People are like, ‘get your dog!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m not touching the dog while he’s doing that.’ I’m afraid of my dog when he’s acting crazy!

Secret Life Of Pets 2, Lake Bell, Bobby Moynihan
‘Secret Life Of Pets 2’ stars Bobby Moynihan (voice of Mel) & Lake Bell (voice of Chloe)

LB: I’m just going to be real with you…I rescued my first dog and it was a big fat pit bull named Margaret. She was funny, had great comedic timing, and was a great spooner. So, I was like, ‘Oh! Paris Hilton brings her dog everywhere!’ So I brought my dog everywhere and everyone was like, ‘I’m sorry that is not a lap dog!’

Feel good with “Secret Life Of Pets 2” in theaters June 7th. Click here for more details.

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