Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Pulse of Entertainment: Reza Khan Takes the ‘Next Train Home’ via Brazil

*Reza Khan’s guitar takes him on the “Next Train Home” via Brazil on his fifth solo album.

A Jazz project offering 12 selections that features assistance from Nils on lead guitar; Matt King on piano; Philippe Saisse on keyboard; Andy Snitzer and Jeff Kashiwa on sax; Mark Egan on bass; David Mann on sax and flute; Gumbi Ortiz on percussion and Mauricio Zottarelli and Graham Hawthorne on drums. Khan moonlights as a Program Manager for the United Nations helping to put into place peace throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East – when he is not traveling the world as a Jazz guitarist.

“When you love something you find the time” Reza said about his job at the United Nations and his career as a Jazz guitarist. “My family is musical. It’s in the DNA. I was traveling and between countries…had my gear with me. I’ve traveled to a couple of countries in three weeks. The writing took 5-6 months and another year goes to the production.”

“Next Train Home” reached the Top 100 on the Jazz Week Chart based on radio spins from Jazz radio and the single from the album “Drop of Faith” featuring Nils is noted as the most added Smooth/Contemporary Jazz single on Billboard Chart.

“I give them their freedom,” Khan said about his featured artists. “I let them experiment. I wanted to make it simple…but afterwards…I said, ‘Wow that was a great idea.’ It changed from how it was written but it’s a great project. I did it with the intention not to have anyone on the album. But…other than Philippe we all go back… We recorded it as if we were live.”

The album seeks to enrich Contemporary Jazz with Brazilian Jazz and does an outstanding job of it. My favorite cuts on the “Next Train Home” album includes #1 “Drop of Faith” featuring Nils on lead guitar because of that sweet Brazilian sound. I also like the blend of the keys and the excellent blend of Reza on classical guitar with Nils on lead. I also like #2 “Gathering” featuring Jeff Kashiwa and Philippe Saisse because the piano solo by Matt King is exquisite. I like #3 “Clear Skies” because of the genius of its simplicity. I like #5 “Beyond the Trees” featuring Andy Snitzer because Reza provides the brilliance of Brazilian Jazz. I also love Kings on the keys and the horn playing of Mauricio Zottarelli on “Beyond the Trees.”  I also like #11 “Under the Moon” featuring David Mann because Reza provides visions of flying, and last I like #12 the title track “Next Train Home” because it provokes visions of the country side as you feel the clickety-clack of the train tracks.

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