Friday, August 12, 2022

Don’t Make ‘Ma’ Drink Alone! (Watch)

*Everybody’s welcome at Ma’s. But you better leave before her hospitality curdles!

This month, Octavia Spencer stars as Sue Ann in “Ma,” a psychological horror. The Oscar winner is joined by a vibrant group of teens – Diana Silvers, Gianni Paolo, Dante Brown, McKaley Miller, Corey Fog and veteran actress Juliette Lewis.

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas hung out with the cast and talked about class clowns, high jinks and woes.

‘Ma’ stars Diana Silvers & Juliette Lewis

Q: Ma is really in her feelings about the senior superlatives in her high school yearbook…What would you vote your cast mates for?

DS: Gianni is most comedic!

JL: He’s class clown!

DS: Juliette would be most likely to become a rock star! Octavia would be life of the party, her energy is infectious!

CF: Gianni is loudest in the class!

GP: …Corey I was going to say something very nice! I was going to say you could be the President but you’re not egotistical enough so you can never be the President! Like Corey would start to run for city mayor and then he would be like, [nah I don’t want to do it]!

DB: I would pick McKaley for President.

MM: WHAT! I can’t run against Corey!

CF: It’s okay! I don’t want to be President!

DB: I would pick Corey for best hugs. And Gianni and Corey for bromance.

GP: I would pick Dante for best dancer because he would leave set…

CF: …and dance in the middle of the field!

DB: It was like therapy for me!

MM: Yah, like during intense scene Dante would walk out onto the fields and just dance.

Ma, Gianni Paolo, Dante Brown, McKaley Miller, Corey Fog
Cast of ‘Ma’ Gianni Paolo, Dante Brown, McKaley Miller & Corey Fog

Q: Ma had a hard time in high school…what was high school like for you?

OS: I’m a gregarious person and I knew kids from all walks of life. I ran for class president, won homecoming attendant and was voted class clown. So I was probably on the popular end.

JL: High school was a trip! Junior high was a little bit more of a struggle. High school I just sort of checked out.

DS: Junior High is bad for everybody!

Party with “Ma” in theaters May 30th. For more details click here.

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