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Colorism and ‘Spotting a Fake Friend’ Are Topics Served Up in New Digital Talk Show ‘Closet Chats’ (EUR EXCLUSIVE!)

*Launched on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, “Closet Chats” is a new digital talk show on Facebook Watch hosted by three businesswomen. However, don’t get it twisted. These ladies are not just talking fashion but are serving up real conversations on diverse topics.

The EUR caught up with the ladies in a phone interview and here they are: Earlene Buggs (founder/president of WiiN Worldwide, a women’s leadership organization), Christina Murray (realtor and head of Boss Lady Network, a women’s networking group), and Felecia Henderson (first lady of The Lighthouse Church in Houston and founder of the women’s group, Inspire).

Hosts of “Closet Chats” (from left to right) Earlene Buggs, Felecia Henderson, and Christina Murray. (Photo credit: Ksenia Pro)

The trio gives up straight talk to viewers in less than 20-minute episodes on the web series that is filmed in an actual very glam closet that is 3300 square feet. The closet concept was the perfect way to garner attention.

“It’s beautiful in every way,” said Buggs, the owner of the closet that is part of the attic in her custom-built Houston home. “There are a lot of expensive things in there, but our goal wasn’t necessarily about the closet. It is more of a metaphor of how you keep your closet is how you keep your life. So, people are going to be attracted to some of the things they see, and we hope to reel them in (to talk about a variety of topics).”

In one episode, titled “How To Spot a Fake Friend,” Buggs breaks down her advice about women needing to choose friends like choosing a romantic partner.

“Early on, I chose people at a time in my life when I really didn’t know who I was or what I wanted,” Buggs explained about the episode. “And what I have found being in my 40s, I’m much more selective about the type of people that I want in my life.”

Buggs, continued, “I have a lot of standards with the type of mate I wanted – somebody that was driven, God- fearing, a zest for life, motivated, honest, but also someone I could be myself with. And that’s what I’m looking for in a friend. I like a relationship that can be authentic.”

“Closet Chats” hosts (from left to right) Christina Murray, Felecia Henderson, and Earlene Buggs. (Photo credit: Ksenia Pro)

With the “This Is America” episode, things got heated when talking about colorism. Buggs’ dark-skinned grandmother treated her differently because she had a lighter complexion. On the other hand, Buggs was also accused of discriminating against African Americans with darker complexions.

For Henderson, who grew up in Houston, being a very light-skinned black woman is something she has dealt with constantly. However, she refuses to embrace the light-skin vs. dark skin sentiment and believes others should do the same.

“Every race suffers from some form of hatred or disrespect in the world,” said Henderson. “But the media likes to dumb it down and make it between two races – black and white – and that’s not the case. It is a world issue.”

Henderson added, “We all suffer from discrimination and I think if we can bring awareness to that injustice, then every race/nationality would have more respect and more consideration for other experiences and cultures. We need to realize that maybe (colorism and racism) comes from a lack of love and not necessarily the color of your skin.”
As a Latina, Murray, who is Dominican American, experiences colorism with her daughters, whose dad (her husband) is African American.

“Trying to raise two daughters in a mixed-race family, you do come across some of these issues that you would think people wouldn’t have a problem with, “said Murray, who lives in the Atlanta area. “It’s real and it’s painful. But the one thing that I realized is that it happens with each and everyone one of our own cultures and it’s crazy.”

“Closet Chats” hosts (from left to right) Earlene Buggs, Christina Murray, and Felecia Henderson. (Photo credit: Ksenia Pro)

Friends collectively for over five years, the ladies met each other because their husbands have a business relationship. All three couples often travel together, and it was through their love of spending time with one another that “Closet Chats” was born.

“All of us work directly with women in some shape or form,” Murray said. “So, we realized that a lot of conversations we were having, the women we knew had a lot of the similar frustrations and problems. When we would travel together, we were laughing, cracking jokes, and having really in-depth conversations to the point where we would shed tears. We wanted to bring what we were doing in our personal space to life.”

While close friends, each one has a certain personality trait that makes them come together, clash, and ultimately have a warm sisterhood.

Buggs is known as “The Physician,” because, “I’m really good at diagnosing a situation. I have a really keen discernment if you will and that’s how I got the name.”

“Closet Chats” co-host Earlene Buggs (Photo credit: Ksenia Pro)

Henderson is “The Philosopher,” because, “I just believe in people and that if we can keep people thinking, and having conversations people are actually smart enough to figure out the answers for themselves.”

“Closet Chats” co-host Felecia Henderson (Photo credit: Ksenia Pro)

Murray is called “The Peacemaker” because, “I just definitely like to keep peace and a chill vibe. I’m an optimist at heart and always trying to find the good out of a situation and the good in people.”

“Closet Chats” co-host Christina Murray (Photo credit: Ksenia Pro)

You can listen to their take on other topics including police brutality, blackface imagery in fashion, and sexual assault claims against R. Kelly. No topic is off limits on “Closet Chats,” which you can see on Facebook Watch now by clicking here.




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