Wednesday, January 19, 2022

K. Michelle Pops Off at ‘Cussing Pastor’ Inside Memphis Restaurant [VIDEO]

K. Michelle and Thaddeus Matthews

*K. Michelle and Thaddeus Matthews, AKA the “Cussing Pastor,” are making headlines once again after the two were caught on camera engaged in a vicious screaming match.

In a video shared on Instagram, the R&B songstress is seen yelling and accusing Matthews of being gay and a sexual abuser of children.

The incident reportedly went down at Regina’s Cajun Kitchen restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, Ace Showbiz reports. In the caption of the video, Matthews explained that they got it poppin’ after he reported her to police for painting the walls of a house she had allegedly been evicted out of due to non-payment of rent.

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Today I ran into the craziest bitch in the entire universe, K.Michelle. I have never met her funeral home makeup looking ass. As I entered I spoke to the owner and shook hands with some fans who were present at Regina’s Cajun Kitchen in downtown Memphis. I guess her real ugly ass is still upset over the fact in December I reported that her trifling ass had painted the walls pink of a house she was legally evicted from after missing months of paying rent on a mansion here in memphis. As I sat waiting on my 3lbs Of crab legs the owner comes over and tells me that Michelle told her if I didn’t leave she was calling the police and telling them I was stalking her, so I told her to tell her “ Bitch call them” which she did 3 times. The police never arrived so after about 30 minutes her and her very feminine acting boyfriend decided to leave. At this point I laughed loudly and said, “ Bitch don’t look like even the police like your zombie looking ass”. She started calling me all type of names and cussing me, Not being a novice to cussing I told her as I looked at my watch “Malnourished Bitch take you and your out of drag looking boyfriend on out of here and hurry across town before the graveyard closes. K. Michelle you got the right one I don’t give a damn about you at all, if you hadn’t acted up I would not have known who your poster child for funeral home looking ass was. This Video Was Taped By A Customer In The Restaurant

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In the second video, Michelle is seen yelling at the pastor as her boyfriend pushes her out of the restaurant.


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Damn whole horse weave wearing ass was that best you could do, K. Michelle your man is more girl then you

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Matthews shared a third video in which the threatens to expose Michelle’s boyfriend.

“Anybody in Memphis can tell you give absolutely zero f**ks about you b***h,” he said in the clip, writing in the caption of the post, “Don’t come for me if I don’t send for you, tonight on my TV show I will play the tape of Andrea who says that Dr.Kasdan Simms the boyfriend of K.Michelle gave her Type 1 and 2 Herpes.”


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