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New York Rapper Junglepu**y is Here to Help You ‘Grow Some Balls’

Junglepussy*You probably haven’t heard of East New York, Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy, but with a name like that, we have a feeling she’s on her way to becoming a household name. Pussy’s power is giving female and male MC’s some stiff competition, and Ebony magazine notes that her presence is “just as energetic and magnetic as it is on wax.”

The MC born Shayna McHayle is not afraid to voice her strong opinion, (look out Azealia Banks), and she gets her kicks from clowning the many men intimated by her swag. In a Q&A with Ebony, Junglepussy said her music will either empower you or “you’ll get some balls.”

“Really, in my music I want it to be a tool,” she says. “Like, listen to this and you’ll get some balls, or you’ll feel powerful. So I have to throw those things in there. Because so many guys are bragging, they cussing us out, and they calling us all kinds of names. So I’m like, I’m about to do it.”

Below are highlights from the interview:

EBONY: Tell us your personal opinion on the state of New York hip-hop.

Junglepussy: I’m not mad at it. People just seeing what they want to see. New York, it’s definitely getting better. A few years ago people were like, “Oh, music sucks.” But people are having way more fun with it now. I feel like the state of hip-hop is growing. But just like anything else that you love, you’re going to be mad at it, love it, you’re going to want it to be something that it doesn’t want to be. I just take it like that.

junglepussy1 - via facebook

EBONY: What I love about your sound is that your boasting comes off as more confident than just talking sh*t.

Junglepussy: I didn’t notice it until you just said it. But I do like to tell myself things that I like to hear. I don’t want to wait for other people to tell me; I tell myself.

EBONY: With your confidence, is it hard being a woman in an industry dominated by men?

Junglepussy: Just being a Black woman in general is like a full-time job. Coming into music is no different. It’s still a White man’s world, and I’m maneuvering through it. I just take the same approach, brag here and there, and remind myself that I’m fully capable and equipped to be amongst these people. I know women have faced a lot more than I have, and it sucks.

EBONY: Is being single something that worries you?

Junglepussy: You know, I talk to God, and I tell him that if this has to be my life story, and I have to live in this perspective and call guys out, if I have to be single forever, then let me know. But if I’m supposed to grow and be with someone, then I don’t want to be complaining about guys forever.

Read the full interview here.

Junglepussy, “Now or Later”:


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