Saturday, July 2, 2022

Doorbell Cam Captures Moment a Snake Bites a Man’s Head [WATCH]

*A doorbell camera captured the moment a snake bit a man as he was trying to enter his friend’s house, but luckily the snake was non-venomous.

The clip of Jerel Heywood visiting Rodney Copeland’s home on Sunday in Lawton, Oklahoma when the attack occurred has now gone viral.

The snake was wrapped around a porch light, Copeland said.

As Heywood opens the screen door, the snake pops out and bites his head before retreating.

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snake bite, Jerel Heywood

Heywood is seen clutching his face in the clip and says he had no idea what happened to him in that moment.

“I got bit by a snake. Didn’t know what kind it was,” he said. “Have to get to the hospital.”

“I was in shock,” Copeland said, after his friend stumbled through his front door. “That could’ve been anyone of us.”

Copeland and his wife transported Heywood to the hospital, where he was treated immediately.

“No stitches, thankfully, but they cleaned me up pretty good,” Heywood said. “I am on antibiotics.”

Meanwhile, the 5-foot-5-inch snake was hammered to death by the Copeland’s neighbor, who sprang into action when upon hearing Heywood and Copeland’s wife screaming in reaction to the snake.

Copeland now hopes to keep away snakes away from his property by spraying the yard with sulfuric acid.

“I hear they don’t like that,” he said.


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