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Offset Shares Emotional Reunion with Father After 23 Years Apart [WATCH]

*Migo’s rapper Offset previously opened up about being estranged from his father, despite making efforts to establish a relationship with him now that he’s a hip-hop star.

The 27-year-old hasn’t had contact with his dad for most of his life but that changed last week when he reunited with his parental unit after 23 years.

Offset shared the emotional moment he reconnected with his pops in a video posted to Instagram Friday night. He added an all-caps caption to the post: “DREAMS DO COME TRUE HAVENT SEEN MY FATHER IN 23 YEARS !!!!!! AND I STILL LOVE HIM THE PAST IS THE PAST AND THE PRESENT IS ALL WE HAVE TO RELY ON WE NOT PERFECT IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM I LOVE YOU POPS !!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!”

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offset w/ his kids
Offset w/ his kids

Offset previously revealed on “The Breakfast Club” he hadn’t seen his father since he was 4 years old and they hadn’t spoken to each other since 2016.

The rapper recently dropped his first solo album, “Father of 4,” which focuses heavily on his own role of being a dad.

“Each time, you get wiser and smarter, and learn the ropes of being a father. Each one after is actually easier,” Offset told Billboard about fatherhood.

“The hardest one was my first son, Jordan. I was 17 and I ain’t have no job, and I was roaming the streets and trying to find myself. It was hard, and I was scared when I first had him, because out of all my homies I was the first one to have a kid. Everyone was like, “Bro, you have a kid on the way,” and at first it was like a joking matter. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, and I had to try different things to get the money and survive. But God let it happen.”

In related news, Offset broke a fan’s phone by smacking it from his hand at an Atlanta-area Target, according to TMZ.

Junior Gibbons tells the outlet that he was shopping at the Sandy Springs, GA store when he spotted Cardi B’s hubby and whipped out his phone to record the encounter. But Offset wasn’t having it.

“What up, Offset?” the 18-year-old says in the footage before the rapper swipes toward Gibbons’ phone and the video cuts, the report states.

The teen claims Offset said “get that f–kin’ phone out of my face,” then slapped it to the ground before walking off with a friend.

The iPhone screen cracked as a result so now Gibson wants the “Clout” rapper to replace it.



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