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THE REAL: What Tamera Would Tell Her Kids If She and Adam Got Caught Gettin’ Busy – WATCH

michael blackson - the real crew
Funny man Michael Blackson on the couch with The Real ladies

*On Thursday, April 18, the hosts of The Real discuss if age is a determining factor when choosing a political candidate and if SAT scores should still be considered for college admissions. And which of the hosts would play a stripper in a movie role?  The ladies’ responses may be very surprising!

Then, co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley comes up with quick response to use in the event that her daughter Ariah ever catches her and her husband Adam getting busy.

Later, actor and comedian Michael Blackson stops by to talk about his upcoming comedy show, his impeccable style, and what living the American dream meant to him when moving to the U.S. from West Africa.

Would Any Of The Real Hosts Play A Stripper In A Movie?

What Tamera Would Say If Ariah Ever Caught Her And Adam Getting Busy

Michael Blackson On Living The American Dream

What Tamera Would Say If Her Kids Ever Caught Her And Adam Making Love 

Loni Love: If Ariah say you and Adam…

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Like, where do babies come from?

Loni: Yeah, or saw you and Adam doing something.

Tamera: Like intimate.

Adrienne Houghton: Would you tell them the truth?

Tamera: No! I’ll say that Daddy was wrestling Mommy and we were having a great time.

Adrienne: Okay, so that is a fib that you are not comfortable with.  There’s other things. Like I love the idea of you giving an explanation

Tamera: Yeah.

Adrienne: I think I’m gonna be brutally… I think I might be a brutally honest parent…

Tamera: And that’s okay.

Adrienne: I’ll be like, “Me and Daddy were making love.  That’s what parents do when they love each other.”

Jeannie Mai: I like that.

Loni:  And then they go to school…

Adrienne: I won’t explain to them the details of what it is.

Tamera:  I will tell you… Can I be that child?

Adrienne: Yeah, yeah.

Tamera: Okay, what’s making love?

Adrienne: When Daddy and Mommy kiss and hold each other and are intimate.

Tamera: Yeah but, your bodies were doing this (pats her hands together).  What’s happening?

(The Real audience laughs)

Adrienne: That’s how, that’s how me and Daddy make love.

Tamera: Okay.

Loni: And then they go to school and they tell all the other kids “Mommy and Daddy was making love and on top of each other and going like this.” (Pats her hands together)

Tamera: And then they tell their friends.

Jeannie: So what.

Adrienne: I’m sorry if their mommy and daddy weren’t making love! That sounds like a personal issue. But, I think being transparent and trying your best to be honest…

Loni: I don’t think a three year old should be talking about making love.

Jeannie: I love it, Adrienne! I say be honest to your kids because look how they turn out! (Points to herself)

(The Real audience laughs)

Loni: That’s why you don’t.



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