Thursday, August 18, 2022

Lawd! Must See! Maxine Waters Slices and Dices Treasury Sec. Mnuchin – WATCH

*Wow. We still can’t over the way auntie Maxine Waters took arrogant, entitled a-hole Steven Mnuchin‘s BS and slung it right back at so fast, he forgot to duck. If you missed it, it’s worth seeing again and again.

The bottom line is Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary, went straight up “I am white man, hear me roar” on Waters and ended up whimpering like a little kitty cat.

(There’s another word we could have used that starts with a “p,” but we won’t go there. For now kitty cat will do.)

Basically, here’s what went down:

Mnuchin was appearing before House Financial Services committee chaired by Waters (D-CA) to discuss his plans for responding to Democrats’ requests for President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

It seems Mnuchin wanted to leave at 5:15pm to get to another (more important) meeting on his schedule. Problem was, Waters wasn’t having it.

She asked him to stay until 5:30pm so that the full committee could question him. At that point, a perturbed Mnuchin checked his watch and appeared to be gathering his papers to leave and then said these words …

“If you’d wish to keep me here so I don’t have my important meeting, and continue to grill me, then we can do that. I will cancel my meeting and I will not be back here.”


maxine waters - eyes

Without missing a beat, Waters took him up on his offer and Mnuchin was rattled beyond saving.

“You made me an offer. I accepted,” said Waters. “I did not make you an offer; let’s be clear,” Mnuchin huffed. “You’re instructing me, you’re ordering me to stay here.”

She told him again that he was free to leave when he wanted.

This is where Mnuchin stepped in it again. Instead of appealing to Waters in a respectful, mature way, he chose to emulate the orange a-hole in the White House and chose to be sarcastic, bullying and belittling towards her.  and bully her, offering detailed instructions on how to end the meeting, as if she were a child and did not understand the problem here.

He actually Waters: “Please dismiss everybody.” Then the doofus raised his arm as if to mime bangin a gavel and said this: “I believe you are supposed to take the gravel [sic] and bang it.” (Keep in mind that while treating Waters as if she was too dumb to know how to end her own hearing, or even to operate a gavel, he misnamed the instrument she would use to end it, calling it a “gravel.”)

That’s when she gave him the full on effect with those eyes and her respectful, firm and to the point response:

“Please do not instruct me  as to how I an to conduct this committee.”

Below, she tells her side of the story to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.


Needless to say, social media is all over the story and Mnuchin is getting roasted and Waters is catching love for her performance:

Esther Jimenez: Chairperson Waters, thank you for all you do to keep check and balances within our nation. God bless you and may HE save our nation♡

Patsy Schmieder McKinney Your are the best, Maxin Waters

Marie Cannella He was so obnoxious and disrespectful. He sounded like a spoiled whiney child. I give her credit for being so calm and professional. I almost choked when he said her Republican counterpart did not treat him in this fashion. What grown man acts like he did!

Jan Bennett I watched the entire exchange. She was strong and absolute. He deliberately attempted to trap her into adjourning the committee so it would not look as though he was copping out. She caught him in the middle of his attempt, told him he could leave See More

As a result of Mnuchin losing “his cool,” according to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, the White House was worried that more oversight would be coming.

“You’re never supposed to lose your cool in a moment like that, and he certainly did,” said Collins, saying that he didn’t hold up as well as Bill Barr, who had been “peppered with questions” at his own hearing.“That just over timing and when he could leave that they got into such a heated debate.”

“Whether or not it’s wise is a question that people inside the White House are debating because, of course, she’s the chairwoman who conducts oversight of the department that he leads,” she continued. “So it’s probably best not to get into a fight with her over timing.”





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