Friday, August 12, 2022

70-Yr-Old Detroit Man Fatally Shot by 16-Yr-Old Boy Granddaughter Snuck Into House

*A 70-year-old grandfather was shot and killed at his Detroit home Monday and the gunman is 16-years-old.

Police believe the victim, Jamie Mintz, was shot and killed by his granddaughter’s boyfriend.

A family member tells Fox 2 Detroit that the granddaughter lives with him, and the fatal tragedy occurred after she snuck a boy into the house. When her grandfather asked him to leave, an argument ensued and the teen shot and killed the man.

“Family. You know that’s family. Its like you don’t even have no words. It’s no words,” said Unite Clemons, the victim’s niece. “He got shot three times. He asked the young guy to leave. He didn’t want to leave and unfortunately, he shot him.”

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Police say the suspect fled the home with the gun, but it remains unclear who owns the weapon. The grandfather and the young killer reportedly fought over the weapon and the victim was shot in the chest.

Mintz, who was a Vietnam veteran, just celebrated his 70th birthday.

“He had no enemies. He was a good friend, a good brother-in-law, a good uncle, a good father, a good stepfather. He was just a good man. It hurts, but I just don’t believe, I can’t believe it. One minute he’s here, the next minute, you’re gone. He was gone too soon,” said Mintz’s sister-in-law, Pamela Magee.

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