Thursday, August 18, 2022

Actor Nicolas Cage Files an Annulment Just 4 Days into Fourth Marriage

Is Nicolas Cage is going for the shortest celebrity marriage record?

After only four days of marriage with makeup artist Erika Koike, actor Nicolas Cage files an annulment. The two claimed that they drank “to the point of intoxication” before applying for a marriage license on March 30. If that sounds like a plotline from a sitcom, it should.

Cage realized only four days into their marriage that they probably rushed into things. According to USA Today, Cage said he was too drunk to understand the gravity of his decisions.

It’s nothing new that 65% of people over the age of 55 will drink liquor, beer, and wine, but 55-year-old Nicolas Cage seems to have indulged a little too heavily. Cage also claims that he was unaware Koike was in another relationship at the time.

Including his union with Koike, Cage has been married four times. The two had been dating since April of 2018 after he separated from his third wife, Alice Kim. Cage has also been married to Patricia Arquette and Lisa Marie Presley.

Cage had kept the extent of his relationship with Koike under lock and key, but the door blew wide open after the annulment.

Luckily, Cage had up to 30 days to request an annulment for his marriage. Though this seems easier than going through a divorce process, the specifications for an annulment can get quite specific.

Getting An Anullment: A Get Out Of Marriage Free Card

While anyone can file for a no-fault divorce, getting your marriage annulled takes a little more time and effort. This is because an annulment completely erases your divorce from the record; it’s as though your marriage never existed. While you don’t need to rely on an experienced stenographer to log your court proceedings at 225 words per minute, an annulment can still be a fairly lengthy process.

Once an annulment is achieved, it’s as though the marriage never happened in the first place. This can make it exceedingly difficult if you had kids before the marriage or if you shared assets under one roof. It’s recommended that you still consult with a divorce attorney or other legal representative to enter an arbitration agreement should things get hairy.

The couple seeking an annulment must also prove that the marriage is worthy of an annulment in the first place. For example, two people planning a wedding for months beforehand are less likely to be granted an annulment than two drunk people in Vegas (a la Nicolas Cage’s most recent marriage.

To have your marriage annulled it must meet one of these grounds for annulment:

  • It was a green card marriage
  • One party is already married to someone else
  • One party alleges that they could give proper consent, but this is false
  • One party alleging the ability to have children when this is, in fact, false
  • Alleging you want children in the first place, but it’s false

Nicolas Cage alleged the third option: that he could not give proper consent due to their intoxication beforehand.

In the time that Cage filed for the annulment, he also received his marriage certificate on the same day.





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