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‘L.A.’s Finest’ Co-showrunner Has Leg Amputated After Set Accident

Brandon Sonnier, Brandon Sonnier

*The co-showrunners of the upcoming series inspired by the “Bad Boys” movies were both injured in a horrific on-set accident on February 20.

According to sources, Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier and other “L.A.’s Finest” producers “were in the video village area on the San Pedro set, where they were watching a car stunt scene on monitors. A stunt car reportedly crashed into a cargo crate, with the container and/or the car smashing into the video village, which had been set up behind the crate. There was immediate fear for Sonnier’s leg as sources on the set indicated it may have been pinned,” Deadline writes.

Sonnier, 36, and Margolis, 38, were both transported to the hospital; Margolis was released shortly after but Sonnier’s leg reportedly had to be partially amputated just below the knee.

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As noted by Us Weekly, Maria Dowd, whose daughter is part of L.A.’s Finest’s costume design team, revealed more details in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“It was a rare day I was on set (at basecamp), to present a team gift to LA’s Finest Costume Designer and my eldest daughter Janelle Nicole Carothers. And, then we received word that shook our worlds in that moment in time,” she wrote. “One of the show’s producers and writers, Brandon Sonnier, was in an accident, when a stunt went wrong on the set of the TV show. His foot was badly injured and was ultimately removed on Sunday. Aside from this humongous life change, he is going to be ok. The extent of his injuries were so severe that amputation is what Brandon & Sarah wanted.”

She continued: “A husband and father of 4 small children, Brandon is young and strong and has a lot of willpower – all signs point to him living a normal life with prostheses – after a long road of therapies and such, of course.”

Dowd also shared the link to a page to donate to the family.

“Brandon and Sarah’s parents are staying at their home to help with the kids, so please note that food delivery should account for 2 extra adults (4 adults and 4 children) until March 8,” she wrote. “They are looking forward to getting home soon, and are working on getting the house ready for Brandon’s return, which will hopefully be before the end of the week. It has been an exhausting few days for them but they are going to be ok in the long run. Brandon wants everyone to know that he has received all of your thoughts and well wishes and they mean so much to him.”

Production was shut down following the incident.

Cal/OSHA has opened an investigation into the crash.

“L.A.’s Finest” stars Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union as two LAPD detectives who don’t agree on much, but they find common ground when it comes to taking on the most dangerous criminals in the city in this character-driven drama series.

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