Sunday, October 24, 2021

Tweet is Over the Black Church + Daughter Shenice Says Pastors Tried to Smash (WATCH)

*90’s singer Tweet wants y’all to know that she is totally over the Black church, and she hit up social media to explain what exactly has got her so heated.

As noted by The YBF, it seems her daughter Shenice shares her frustration, as the two had a one-on-one discussion on Instagram Live about shady church business.

“I’m not shading nobody, I’m telling my truth. And church has been the worst,” Tweet said. “I will not do church anymore. I love God, I have a relationship with God, but you won’t see me in nobody’s church house. I’m not giving nobody my tithes. I’m not giving 10 percent to nobody, period. That’s it. Sorry.”

The R&B singer said she takes issue with the folks who voiced all types of judgements about her decision to return to secular music after giving her life to Christ.

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Tweet + Daughter Shenice

Now that Shenice has entered the music area, she’s unsure about the direction she should take: singing secular music or gospel music.

“Baby girl, speak your truth because I am,” Tweet told her daughter during their IG Live session. “I’m sick of it. Enough is enough. I’m tired. And it’s coming out in the music, it’s coming out in the interviews, it’s coming out. I’m not shading nobody, I’m telling my truth. Church has been the worst. I will NOT do church anymore.”

Tweet, who broke up with Pastor Jamal Bryant last year, said one of the reasons why she has turned her back on the church is because it’s turning into more of a “business” instead of being a place for praise, worship and healing.

“People are using the church as a business now. I don’t see nobody after the heart or the souls of the people or anything like that. They’re more concerned about personal gain instead of gaining the souls, and that’s what’s sad. I hung up my shouting shoes for the church.  I will shout my way right in my house or in my car, or in the mall, or whatever. But you won’t see me in no pews I’m sorry. Until you use your gift for that instead of monetary gain, the church is going to continue to decline.”

Shenice then revealed how she has had to get a few pastors/bishops/elders of the church right together after they came at her seeking intimate relations.

Watch mother and daughter dish about the church via the video above.


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  1. Condemning the entire church because of some ignorant people is just as ignorant. If they took the time to attend a church that actually teaches from the Bible they might learn that there should not be “black” churches or any other color churches. All churches should be based on Jesus and the Word of God, not on the color of anyone’s skin. The late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin sang gospel and secular music. Unless a song is just downright crude, lewd and disrespectful to one’s religious beliefs I don’t see a real issue. After all many gospel and secular songs have been interchangeable by just changing a few lyrics. For example “You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” became God’s The best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” and there have been many more.


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