Thursday, May 19, 2022

Wendy Williams Not Saying Much; Flashing Wedding Rock Instead (VIDEO)

*Wendy Williams is either in some serious denial or nobody else in the entire world (except maybe her husband and his alleged baby mama) knows what the hell is going on with her.

We say that of course now that she’s been spotted in NYC by photogs, seeming not concerned about any of the rumors concerning said husband (Kevin Hunter) having a baby daughter with his alleged mistress (Sabrina Hudson).

Wendy was intercepted by photo folks as she was leaving a Pilates studio Wednesday. The paps were at the ready to fire off questions about how she was doing (not that they really care) … without asking point-blank about Kevin’s alleged mistress and baby.  She was obviously ready for them, based on her reaction to them and their questions.

Without stopping, Wendy said that she was fine and was carrying on with her business — in fact, she says she was just on her way to a book signing. When one photog asked about her wedding ring, Wendy didn’t respond, but had no problem showing it off (on her left hand, to be exact).  One can only conclude she isn’t bothered by the cheating stories.

And apparently it’s not an issue for her as sources close to the production of her show told TMZ that Hunter is still working on set as an EP, and that he and Wendy have been very civil with each other behind the scenes.

Sooo, if things aren’t working out on the home front, she’s being real coy about it.





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