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Wendy Williams’ Husband Can’t Support His Alleged Mistress Without Wife’s Money

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*Wendy Williams is reportedly bankrolling her husband’s second life with his alleged pregnant mistress.

According to DailyMailTV (via Perez Hilton), Kevin Hunter is said to be enjoying his love triangle with the daytime diva and 33-year-old massage therapist Sharina Hudson.

A source told the publication that Hudson has demanded her married boyfriend leave his wife so they can settle down and start a family together.

However, Hunter — who manages Wendy’s career — allegedelly can’t hold it down without his wife’s money.

The insider claims:  “Kevin is in love with Sharina but he told her he can’t leave his wife, but the only reason he is still with Wendy is because he and Sharina can’t take care of themselves – they need her money… Sharina has given Kevin several ultimatums over the years and he’s had to point out, ‘we can’t afford to take care of ourselves.’”

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Allegedly, Hudson is “living in a very nice apartment in Manhattan [Hunter] pays for and he got her a studio in midtown for one of her many businesses that he supports.”

Additionally, the report states: “[Kevin put Sharina] through school to be a massage therapist, he opened a kiosk for her at a mall in North Carolina where she’s from… He helped her set up a jewelry and clothing line online called VISH. But none of her businesses have been a success.”

Meanwhile, both Hunter and Williams have denied that that he got Hudson pregnant.

DailyMailTV also obtained these intimate photos of Hunter and Hudson on vacation (see Instagram embed below).



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Photos of #WendyWilliams’ husband #Kevin and his alleged mistress on vacation surface online ?? (?: @dailymail)

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As we previously reported, Williams admitted on her March 19 show that she has been living in a sober home in while being treated for addictions to alcohol and prescription pills. Insiders claim her longtime battle with substance abuse was triggered recently “when she fractured her shoulder during a confrontation with [her] cheating husband.”

Williams allegedly hired a private investigator in December to collect evidence confirming Hunter’s shenanigans.

“Don’t you dare humiliate me,” she reportedly said when she confronted him about his extramarital activities.

The insider also claims that whenever Hunter takes his wife on vacation, Hudson is usually there too.

“Every time he takes Wendy to Miami for the weekend, Sharina travels separately and stays at another hotel down the street… Wendy knows about Sharina but is willing to put up with it as long as there’s an understanding that there will be no baby and she doesn’t get humiliated.”

The source also explained the ways in which Williams has been “brainwashed” by her husband:

“He controls everything, he takes her phone, she has zero friends, she’s not in regular contact with her family. He controls every aspect of her life because he’s insecure… His only skill is spending her money and the money trickles down to Sharina… Wendy’s attitude is disgusting so no one has sympathy for her… She started deteriorating on the show in plain view, but she fed her fans this story about Graves’ disease, and now it comes out that it was alcohol and drugs all along.”



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  1. You have nerve telling Hailey she should leave Justin. Why don’t you leave YOUR HUSBAND??? At least Justin
    isn’t carrying on an extramarital affair! (nor is he staying in a SOBER HOUSE) You in a sober house and your husband still carrying on with his young thing. PLEASE !!!


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