Sunday, February 28, 2021

Roland Martin Slams Notion that D.L. Hughley is His TV One Successor

*Back in 2017,  TV One pulled the plug on “News One Now” with Roland Martin and the move stunned staffers and viewers alike.

Martin has since gone on to host his daily digital program, “Roland Martin Unfiltered,” and on Monday, TV One debuted a new evening talk show with D.L. Hughley at the helm.

As reported by Richard Prince’s Journal-isms, Hughley’s new gig is the successor to Martin’s show, according to Alfred Liggins, CEO of Urban One, the parent company of TV One.

“We took the budget (for ‘News One Now’) and put it into ‘The D.L. Hughley Show,’ ” Liggins said. Hughley’s show will run Monday through Friday in prime time, with a “best of” on Friday, the report states.

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“Hughley is one of the most unapologetic voices of our time and does not shy away from controversy,” TV One’s news release says. “THE DL HUGHLEY SHOW dives head first into hot topics of the day and dishes on the latest news, entertainment, pop culture and what’s trending in social media. . . .”

Martin, meanwhile, has slammed the notion that Hughley’s talk show can be considered a successor to his.

“No one would say that Seth Meyers is the prime time successor of Lester Holt and Jimmy Kimmel follows in the footsteps of David Muir,” Martin messaged Journal-isms. “Those are late night comedy shows. Lester and David are journalists. Seth and Jimmy are comedians. I wish DL good luck in having a successful show, but he’s a comedian. I’m a journalist. His is a late night comedy show. Mine was a morning news show. Those are just the facts.”

Liggins says the Hughley show takes a “different approach.”

‘THE DL HUGHLEY SHOW’ dives head first into hot topics of the day and dishes on the latest news, entertainment, pop culture and what’s trending in social media. “I’m excited for the opportunity to expand my radio show and bring it to a late night television audience,” said DL Hughley in a statement. “I want to talk about things that matter to our community and this show will mirror what everyone is talking about every day.”

“The DL Hughley Show” airs weeknights at 11/10C PM.


Ny MaGee
Ny MaGee is a screenwriter and freelance reporter from Chicago -- currently living in Los Angeles and covering A-list entertainment for various outlets, including She has worked for: Miramax, MTV & VH1, The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Channel, Paramount Pictures, and for iconic indie film producer Roger Corman.



  1. Roland Martin was a better host than Hughley; Martin would stay on point and not be “all over the place” like Hughley. Hughley does not know how to finish what he is talking about(staying on point). He gets on my nerve starting to talk about something and then jumbling it with something else, which loses me and know other viewers have noticed this. Also I hate when they beep almost every damn they say which is frustrating, whereas Roland Martin was not censored.


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