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Roseanne Barr Says Michelle Obama Reason ABC Kicked Her to the Curb

Roseanne Barr
Actress Roseanne Barr attends the Disney ABC Television TCA Winter Press Tour on January 8, 2018, in Pasadena, California. / AFP PHOTO / VALERIE MACON (Photo credit should read VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

*Roseanne Barr is certain that former First Lady Michelle Obama is to blame for her getting fired last year from the reboot of her ABC series.

You recall how Barr made a racist joke on Twitter about former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, comparing her to the Muslim Brotherhood and the “Planet of the Apes.”

The backlash was swift and unforgiving and despite her apology for the offensive statement, ABC cancelled “Roseanne.”

Now, after stewing over it for a year, the comedian feels it’s all Obama’s fault.

“[Michelle] said, ‘This tweet is unforgivable,'” Roseanne told Britain’s The Sunday Times magazine. “That’s what I was told, and I tend to believe it, because the woman who fired me is now working with the Obamas at Netflix.”

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roseanne barr - valerie jarrett

The woman she is referring to is former ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey, who was responsible for canceling “Roseanne.” Netflix hired her late last year to develop original programming, including content from the Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions.

Barr tells the Sunday Times that she blames a mixture of Ambien and booze for the controversial tweet but her actual firing, she believes, is all Obama’s fault.

As noted by, while she admits that the tweet was a “very stupid thing” — she claims it was intended to be an attack on the Obama administration’s ties to Iran. She also reckons that the Iran-born Jarrett may be Muslim.

“I should have written it backwards,” she said. “It came out dyslexic. It should have been, ‘Valerie Jarrett’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have now allowed Iran’s government to remain, as in the movie Planet of the Apes.”

In addition to Obama’s influence, Barr believes anti-Semitic attitudes are at the root of what prompted her termination.

“They wanted to take a Jew down,” she told the Times. “They wanted to take down a Zionist because they think that Zionists are the problem with everything in the world, and a lot of people in this country think like them.”

Barr also accused ABC of taking issue with her support of Donald Trump.

“They hate powerful women and they hate powerful, deplorable women and I do consider myself deplorable,” she said. “Deplorable is the greatest thing Hillary [Clinton] ever called us, because it empowered a revolution — we are deplorable to her kind. Of course, all working-class people are deplorable to her because it was working-class people that elected Trump.”


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