Tuesday, June 28, 2022

R. Kelly Banned Gayle King From Asking Questions About Aaliyah

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*When R. Kelly agreed to sit down with Gayle King, his team outlined a few rules that the veteran journalist agreed to follow, specifically no questions about his former wife, Aaliyah.

In a New York Times interview, the CBS anchor explains how the singer’s team requested no questions about Aaliyah, which I was fine with. I feel we have heard the Aaliyah story,” King said.

She added, “I feel we have heard the Aaliyah story. Really, this interview was about R. Kelly’s reaction to the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary and the latest charges, and they said he cannot discuss the latest charges because those are still in court. O.K., fine. I still feel we had a lot of information to get from R. Kelly.”

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When asked her thoughts about Kelly’s claim that he has never had sex with an underage girl, King said, “I don’t think he helped himself, because I think 99.9 percent of people who have been following this story believe that he was married and had sex with Aaliyah, she was certainly underage. That’s at least one that we do know about.”

According to the marriage certificate obtained by The Blast, Kelly and Aaliyah wed on August 31, 1994 in Rosemont, Illinois. The marriage was allegedelly later annulled after the late singer’s parents filed paperwork.

As Kelly ranted around the set of the interview, King says she never thought the R&B star was going to get violent with her.

“I was never worried he was going to hurt me. I was more worried that he was going to get up and leave,” she said in an article published by The Oprah Magazine after the headline-making sit down.

Viewers and even Gayle’s bestie Oprah were impressed with how cool she remained during the angry and emotional discussion with R. Kelly.

“I did worry at some points that he might accidentally hit me, because he was so angry that he was flailing,” she admitted. “But I knew that I wasn’t in any real danger. I just kept thinking ‘Okay, Robert, go ahead’ and that’s what I said.”


Ny MaGee
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