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Jaden Smith Brings Clean Water to Flint with Mobile Filtration System

Jaden Provides a Water Filtration System to People in Flint
via @jadapsmith

*Jaden Smith’s foundation teamed with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday to bring cleaner water to Flint, Michigan.

The rapper/actor’s company, Just Goods, donated a portable water filtration system to the church called the Water Box, which mirrors the process the company uses to bottle its Just Water, Michigan Live reports. Jaden’s mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, said she would also be donating a second Water Box to the city, per

Jada shared a photo on Instagram of her son’s Water Box donation along with the caption: “I really enjoyed our trip to Flint yesterday where I witnessed you unveil your first water filtration system to First Trinity Church. Your desire to innovate to help Flint have access to clean water makes me so proud.”

Peep her post below.

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The church has distributed over 5 million bottles of water to Flint residents since lead-tainted water was discovered in 2014. But as corroded water lines continue to be replaced, bottled water donations are reportedly on the decline.

“We don’t want to disrupt what’s happening with the donation of bottled water to Flint,” Smith told those assembled at the box’s unveiling on Saturday. “We just want to be the backbone in case something happens to that supply of donated bottled water.”

Per MTV News:

The Water Box features a filtration system that cleans water of potentially unsafe drinking materials, including lead. Additionally, an off-site testing lab conducts continual testing of the box’s water and results are posted online.

Jaden Provides a Water Filtration System to People in Flint
via @jadapsmith

Krystina White, chief operating officer of Black Millennials for Flint, tells MTV News that many affected by the water crisis continue to rely solely on bottled water.

“[They’re] are great, but they harm the environment and are not sustainable,” she said. “How many water bottles can you give to a family of four to shower with, eat with, and cook with? It gets to be kind of impossible. This Water Box is kind of revolutionary in that people can come just once and take ten gallons of water home.”

The church will continue to provide water bottles until the Water Box can “eradicate” the need for them. They’re asking the public to help bring in additional systems to Flint, which cost $50,000 each. For more information on how you can donate, read here.

“It’s a huge deal to go from water bottles to something that can provide ten gallons of water per minute, while filtering out the lead,” White says. “Now we’re talking about a solution that will help people take showers. It’s not just drinking the water, that’s not the only thing that’s needed.”

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