Friday, October 7, 2022

EUR Visits Set of BET’s New Series ‘Games People Play’

Lauren London, (right) as “Vanessa King” with EURweb staff member Angel Saunders.

*April 2019 get your girls and your wine ready because BET is bringing you a sexy new show based on Angela Burt-Murray’s popular book, “Games Divas Play!”

The series titled, “Games People Play,” to be a little more inclusive and let the men know that they can enjoy as well, is bringing out some big names including Executive Producer Tracey Edmonds, actors Lauren London, Sarunas J. Jackson, Karen Obilom, Parker McKenna Posey and Jackie Long, you can even be on the lookout for Vanessa Simmons as she has a recurring role on the show.

On Friday I was invited to visit the set of where this new series is being filmed and I got to chat it up with some of the names mentioned. Games People Play consists of a desperate basketball wife trying to protect her family, a tenacious journalist struggling to rebuild a tarnished career and a scandalous groupie looking to become a star, while trying to solve a high profile murder of someone in their circle.

The series delves into the LA high life where everyone plays to win. First up was television producer, personality, and businesswoman Tracey Edmonds – and can I just say that she is stunning in person? Ok, now that that’s been established, Edmonds is no stranger to the LA high life.

I asked her how she navigates in this crazy world and what’s her advice for other women doing the same. She said the key is simple, to always have your own and not have to rely on a man for income. Wise words from a queen.

Executive Producer, Tracey Edmonds, (right) on set of her new project, “Games People Play” airing on BET April 2019.

Next up was Lauren London, also stunning, the entire cast was. Many of us first got a glimpse of London back in 2003 in Pharrell and Jay-Z’s “Frontin” music video. Since then we’ve seen her in roles in films such as “New New” in “ATL” and “Melanie” in “This Christmas” as well as her tv roles like “Kiera” in “The Game.” You can also catch London featured in the lyrics and music video for Nicki Minaj’s “Good Form.”

London’s character, “Vanessa King“, plays a wife who married her high school sweetheart and overnight their lifestyle changed when they became a power couple once he was drafted as a pro basketball player. London says she keeps up with the LA lifestyle because LA is home for her, where she was born and raised, and she does a good job of separating work and her personal life, which is very sacred to her.

Then it was fresh-faced, newbie Karen Obilom. She’s had roles on HBO’s hit series, “Insecure” and “NCIS.” Obilom will be playing a lead role as “Nia Bullock,” a smart and savvy blogger who lands a dream job as a writer, but is put to the test when her assignment is to write about her best friend’s high profile scandal.

Obilom was an amazing ball of energy and so much fun speaking with, she was very excited and grateful for her new role. I asked her what the days on set were like since the show consists of 10, hour long episodes. She joked that the production department probably would answer that question better because their days are longer. Fair. I also asked her if she’s ready for all of the success and attention that’s soon coming her way. Her response? She’s excited for the world to meet her character and to fall in love with her the way that she did.

Actress Karen Obilom, (right) as “Nia Bullock” on set of Games People Play coming to BET April 2019.

Last, but certainly not least, was Parker McKenna Posey who will be playing the role of Laila James. Posey, who most of us know as little Kady from “My Wife and Kids” (2001-2005) says she is extremely excited to get out of that “daughter” role that she’d been associated with for so long and play a young woman.

Posey’s role as “Laila James” has her as an alluring, yet struggling actress that realizes it takes more than talent to make it in LA so she decides to embrace her sexy, but soon finds that fame is one hell of a drug.

Parker McKenna Posey, (right) as “Laila James” on the set of the new BET series, “Games People Play.”

Speaking with the cast and getting a glimpse of where they film was awesome. I’m excited to see this new series and I can tell that the cast is excited as well. Be on the lookout for “Games People Play” coming to BET next month, April 2019!




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