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Mo’Nique on Whether Steve Harvey ‘Misspoke’ During Their Heated Discussion – WATCH

*Steve Harvey says the backlash over his on-air spat with Mo’Nique has taught him that he “can’t get into heated discussions” and to choose his words more carefully.

When Mo’Nique appeared on the Feb. 13 episode of “Steve,” the Oscar winner dished about how she had been labeled as “difficult” and “blackballed” in Hollywood because she demanded additional pay for promoting her 2009 film “Precious” during Oscar season.

The discussion sparked a heated exchange between the two comedians; after which Steve caught some flack for how he addressed Mo. He later told PEOPLE that he regrets how he handled the conversation.

Meanwhile, Mo’Nique opened up on Buzzfeed’s “AM To DM” show about her appearance on Steve’s talk show.

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Mo'Nique, Steve Harvey

via Ok Magazine:

Buzzfeed asked the actress how she felt when Steve talked over her on the show and her reaction to his reasoning behind it.

The Oscar winner said, “I haven’t heard brother Steve say he misspoke. I have heard people say he said it, but I have not heard him say he misspoke. If that is what he said, then that is what he said.”

“But what I will say is, I don’t know how you speak on something of that nature. I don’t know how you would misspeak on it. If that’s what he said then you would have to ask Steve Harvey,” she continued.

Mo’Nique also confessed what she hoped to achieve with her interview with Steve. “It was two friends sitting down having an open and honest conversation that was long overdue. There was a whole lot that was cut out. It was a conversation that had to be had,” she said.

She added, “When I say to a man that I’ve known for 25 years, you all said that I did nothing wrong privately but none of you were courageous enough to say it publicly. And a lot of that was cut out from that conversation.”

Meanwhile Harvey told People on Sunday: “I’ve got to slow down when I’m talking,” the said when  asked about his interview with Mo. “I can’t get into heated discussions, and I’ve got to just guard my words more carefully.”


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