Thursday, May 19, 2022

Jussie Smollett on the Pressure of Hollywood Fame: ‘I’m About to Break’

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*(Via Hollywood Reporter/MSN News) – The story, on the Billboard website, appeared in the summer of 2018. It was meant to raise consciousness about a “ubiquitous” problem in the hip-hop community: a widespread lack of awareness about the importance of mental health.

Six up-and-coming artists were invited to discuss how they took care of themselves. Among them was Jussie Smollett, who, in addition to his own fledgling solo musical career, played Jamal Lyon, a singer on the hit Fox series Empire. Smollett stressed the importance of honesty in his own internal struggles.

“I admit that I’m jealous, I admit that I’m insecure and that I’m not good at certain things,” he said. Then, in a comment that didn’t get any attention at the time, Smollett suggested that these pressures might be catching up to him.

“I’m in my 30s and I’m trying my best to learn that I can’t bend anymore,” he said. “I’m about to break.”

Six months later, he may have done just that.

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  1. You know people can try to put a human face on what Smollett did but it doesn’t change what he did. He perpetrated a hoax with the potential of inflaming racial tensions. How much it inflamed and how much damage it did is hard to measure. But we know it was damaging. And it was definitely not needed at a time of already existing racial tensions. People can call it a cry for attention. Or a symptom of depression. Or give any number of excuses for Smollett. But we all know there is no legitimate excuse. I don’t know if Smollett is an evil person. But I know for sure he did an evil thing. And even after everyone knows what he did he lacks the character to come clean. He also lacks a moral compass. And he is a fool who has thoroughly wrecked a promising career. There is no way I can feel sorry for him. All I have for him is scorn.

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