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Celebrity’s Soul Food Partners with United Franchise Group Network, Global Leader for Entrepreneurs

Taja & Frederick Jacobs
Taja & Frederick Jacobs

*United Franchise Group (UFG), the global leader for entrepreneurs with more than 1400 locations in 80 countries, has added to its impressive partners through Franvestco, the brand of Celebrity’s Soul Food.

Celebrity’s Soul Food is owned by husband and wife duo, Fredrick and Taja Jacobs.

The partnership between the two companies will yield an anticipated $77 million dollars of gross sales over the next 24 months. Both entities are respected brands in the business industry.

The Celebrity’s Soul Food brand is recognized as a premier franchising company.

Behind this mastermind concept stands Dr. Fredrick Jacobs, the Chief Executive Officer. The idea of presenting the Soul Food cuisine at its finest is genius. Dr. Jacobs has over 20 years of experience in Business, and Counseling and is a well-respected Celebrity Chef. His wife Taja Jacobs has many years of experiences as a corporate executive and entrepreneur.

The couple spent three years developing and testing three different models and prototypes to now partner with United Franchise Group and scale what will now be the leading Soul Food chain in the world. Celebrity’s is anticipating the opening of 200 locations within the next 24 months.

“Celebrity’s provides soul food cuisine lined with a classy and tasteful atmosphere that treats everyone as a star with celebrity status,” stated Celebrity’s founder Dr. Fredrick Jacobs. He adds, “The Celebrity’s Soul Food brand is growing. In an effort to meet the demand of our customer base, we are franchising. Owning a Celebrity’s Soul Food casual restaurant is a tremendous opportunity.”

Taja Jacobs adds, “The hottest trend right now is Celebrity’s fast casual restaurants which offers disposable dishes and flatware. In this environment the food is presented as more upscale with dishes such as gourmet and authentic signature slammin’ mac and cheese, kickin’ collard greens and so much more.” “Fast-casual is the new culture in this billion-dollar industry. We have nailed the concept of ensuring prompt service while serving homemade dishes that still permit for families to come back to the table again.”

According to the founders of Celebrity’s Soul Food, the success is attributed to three factors: The highest quality ingredients, fresh products are prepared every day, and every team member is devoted to providing outstanding hospitality.”

The expertise of the team at United Franchise group provides the foundation for the continuous involvement and growth of development services the company offers.

United Franchise Group has established master licenses for its brands in more than 8- countries and has services that assist other franchise companies from conception to international expansion.

Dr. J is also known as Dr. J, The Counselor who is an online radio personality on KJLH 102.3 FM in Los Angeles, owned by Stevie Wonder. Dr. J and his Celebrity associates will make grand appearances at the ribbon-cutting of all locations.

For more information about Celebrity’s franchise opportunity, visit or call 310.975.7131.

About Celebrity’s Soul Food
The Celebrity’s Soul Food brand spearheaded by founders Dr. Fredrick and Taja Jacobs prides itself on its menu with an emphasis on providing quality service and outstanding and consistent food quality. Celebrity’s is a fresh new opportunity with a track record for success, serving high quality southern cuisine, in an atmosphere that makes customers feel like they are the star. The customer experience in a Celebrity’s Soul Food is second to none. The unique dining experience includes delivering fresh and delicious food right to the table.

About United Franchise Group
Led by CEO Ray Titus, United Franchise Group is home to a variety of internationally recognized brands including Signarama, Fully Promoted, Experimac, Jon Smith Subs, Venture X, SuperGreen Solutions, Transworld Business Advisors, and now, The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. . With over three decades in the franchising industry and more than 1400 franchisees throughout the world, United Franchise Group offers unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities for entrepreneurs.






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