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An Open Letter to Nana Efua Mumford and Her WaPo Jussie Smollett Opinion Piece

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Nana Efua Mumford (via Facebook)

*The following is an open letter to Washington Post Editorial Board Executive Assistant, Nana Efua Mumford regarding her editorial about Jussie Smollett from Robert Oliver, a San Diego based journalist and an IT professional.


I read  “I doubted Jussie Smollett. It breaks my heart that I might be right.” — Washington Post.

I am also from Chicago, born and raised there. Therefore I was rather puzzled at something in your article.

You wrote: “I know that there is a deep, dark racist history in Chicago (emphasis mine) and, if proved true, this would be just one more point on the list.”

Anyone from Chicago knows that all racist history there is 100% WHITE DEMOCRAT.

I remember my father driving us through Armour Square, a white Democratic neighborhood near the old Comiskey Park where the Chicago White Sox played. White kids in the neighborhood yelled to cars “White Power! White Power!” while their white Democratic working-class parents sat nearby smiling.

There is a neighborhood called Bridgeport in Chicago, also a white Democratic working-class bastion, where if a black young man wandered there by accident, he would be violently attacked by some of the residents.

“For the last few days, a parade of politicians and preachers have made their way to the bedside of a comatose 13-year-old black boy to pray for his recovery and for the city’s soul.

“In a storm of fists and feet, the boy, Lenard Clark, was beaten into a coma by a pack of white teen-agers as he rode his bicycle last Friday on the edge of Bridgeport, a neighborhood known here for producing mayors and racial hostility. According to the police, the teen-agers later bragged about keeping blacks out of the neighborhood.

“These are tense times in Chicago. The beating of Lenard came on the heels of another ugly but less serious racial incident two weeks earlier. During a high school basketball game, dozens of students from a predominately white, Catholic boys school taunted players from a largely black school with chants of ‘Buckwheat.’” —

martin luther king jr - screenshot

There is a Democratic working-class neighborhood called Marquette Park where in 1966 Dr. Martin Luther King was attacked:

“When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stepped out of a car in Marquette Park on Aug. 5, 1966, he was met by a crowd in an ugly mood. That was nothing new for King. During his civil rights crusade, he’d often faced Southern mobs. The year before, police and sheriff’s deputies brutally attacked a march he’d organized in Selma, Ala. But he saw something even more menacing in the faces of the 700 white protesters who confronted him on Chicago’s Southwest Side, on that August day 50 years ago.

“‘I’ve been in many demonstrations all across the South, but I can say that I have never seen — even in Mississippi and Alabama — mobs as hostile and as hate-filled as I’ve seen here in Chicago,’ King told reporters afterward.

“King and hundreds of demonstrators had scarcely set out on a march to promote open housing when he was struck by a rock. ‘The blow knocked King to one knee and he thrust out an arm to break the fall,’ the Tribune reported. ‘He remained in this kneeling position, head bent, for a few seconds until his head cleared.’ Aides and bodyguards closed in around King, holding placards aloft to shield him from the missiles that followed.

“King and the demonstrators had hoped to reach a real estate office on nearby 63rd Street, intending to demand that properties be rented and sold on a nondiscriminatory basis in the all-white Chicago Lawn neighborhood. Only a few of them made it before a riot broke out. At least 30 people were injured, some by a hail of bricks and bottles accompanied by racial epithets. Some counterdemonstrators were clubbed by baton-wielding police officers. More than 40 people were arrested when a crowd of whites blocked adjoining streets and cursed the police, several of whom were hurt.” —

Dr. King was attacked by all WHITE DEMOCRATS. They did not like black Democrats, black Republicans, nor white Republicans.

And of course, the Chicago City Council opposition, “The 29,” to late Mayor Harold Washington, the first black mayor of Chicago, was 100% Democrat, mostly white,not a Republican in the City Council. Black people in Chicago are painfully aware of that.

On a personal note, in the mid 1960’s, on a Sunday morning, a concrete cylinder crashed through one of our living-room windows. My mother was nearly injured. We recently moved into the South Side white Democratic neighborhood Auburn Park-Gresham. Later I endured four years of daily racism in high school, all from the sons of white Democrats.

There are so many white Democrats in Chicago, blacks seem to be disappointed that they cannot find white Republicans to pin racial incidents on. The white Republicans are MIA. You need to call on Scotland Yard in London to find them.

Therefore, when it concerns this Jussie Smollett “attack,” which I firmly believe is a botched-up hoax, to link white Republican “MAGA Country” Trump supporters to the 100% white Democratic racist history of Chicago is not helpful when it comes to the actual facts and history. It is wrong.

By the way, as you come from Chicago, you know that white liberal wealthy Streeterville where Smollett lives is hostile to President Trump. Smollett got jacked (by someone else and by not who he claimed) in Obama country, not “MAGA country.”



Robert Oliver






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