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Pan African Film and Arts Festival Fashion Show (PHOTOS)

Paff-Rave Cinemas: Courtesy Photo

*Los Angeles – An attentive crowd of designers/stylist were in the house, i.e., -The Community Room of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza on Sunday, February 17, 2019.

Designer Love Collins moderated a fashion focused discussion on the presence of emerging and Black creatives in fashion. The panel consisted of stylist, retailers and other industry players.

Love Collins: Photo Credit, Ricky Richardson

The panel consisted of Tai Beauchamp, Internationally recognized style influencer, public speaker, media personality and entrepreneur, Natalie Harris, The Tiny Closet, Nichole Lynel, Personal Brand and clothing boutique, and Ashley Sean Thomas, Fashion Stylist, Editor at The Style Network.

Ashley Sean Thomas, Nichole Lynel, Natalie Harris and Tai Beauchamp: Photo Credit, Ricky Richardson

This wonderful panel was a great segue to the 27th Annual Pan African Film and Arts Festival Fashion Show. The popular Fashion show was held at the MACY’s Bridge, from 2:00pm-4:00pm. The fashion show was once again produced by a dynamic trio/trifecta of talent in the African American community, Karimu, Ngoma and Deveaux. The lovely, smooth, silky voice of Deveaux once again served as the Mistress of Ceremony. Ms. Deveaux is the voice of the Fashion Show.

The fashion show showcases a beautiful, colorful array of designer fashions. The standing room only crowd were in awe of the fabulous creativity on display on the run-way which consisted of clothing’s, jewelry, hats, scarfs, shoes, tote bags and purses. The designers had booths as part of the ArtFest located throughout the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, February 8-18, 2019.

The pulsating sounds of West African drumming summoned the crowd to MACY’s Bridge for this popular event. Kweli Umoja of The House of Umoja got the show officially underway with a traditional African Libation to acknowledge that we are standing on the shoulders of those who came before us.

West African Drumming: Photo Credit, Ricky Richardson

Kweli Umoja: Photo Credit, Ricky Richardson

Clothing from designer Allohn were the first to be showcased. The show flowed smoothly with a variety of models strutting down the runway. African High Fashions, Aziz Fashion, Amatula Camara, Artistic Flo, Design by DHB, Chikodi’s World, Lola’s Fashion Arrarel, Fashions by Dorothy, West Love Pride Hatz, Okofar, Hair Sox, Akouavi Fashions, Benin Imports, Wilbourn Sisters Designs and Elegant Elephant just to name a few.

Fashion Show: Photo Credit, Ricky Richardson

Fashion Show: Photo Credit, Ricky Richardson

Fashion Show: Photo Credit, Ricky Richardson

Entertainment was provided by Dorsey dancers; spirited dance moves to thrill the crowd. Poet Larry Love recited a timely poem in celebration of Valentine’s Day and a relevant, deep poem commemorating Black History Month.

Dorsey Dancers: Photo Credit, Ricky Richardson

The fashion show continued with some young models, followed by some comedy by Carmen. They revved it up for the Grand Finale to close the show with a standing ovation.

The Pan African Film and Arts Festival Announced Filmmaker Award Winners during the annual Filmmakers Award Brunch, Monday, February 18, 2019 at MACY’s Bridge in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.

Best Narrative Feature
Sprinter (Jamaica) Directed by Storm Saulter
Honorable Mention: Ellen (South Africa) Directed by Daryne Joshua
Best First Feature Narrative
Skin in the Game (US) Directed by Adisa
Honorable Mention: Veronica’s Wish (Uganda) Directed by Rehema Nanfuka
Best Feature Documentary
Mr. Soul! (US) Directed by Melissa Haizlip
Honorable Mention: Oliver Tambo Have You Heard from Johannesburg (South Africa/Netherlands/ UK/US) Directed by Connie Field
Best Short Documentary
120 Years (US) Directed by Matt Nadel & Lukas Cox
Honorable Mention: The Infamous Future (US) Directed by Richard Butterworth
Best Short Narrative
Twelfth Round (Australia) Directed by Nir Shelter
Honorable Mention: Time 2 Surrender, Directed by Elvis Nolasco
PAFF Programmers’ Award-Narrative Short
The Fisherman (Ghana) Directed by Zoey Martinson
PAFF Programmers’ Award – Documentary Short
Sincerely, The Black Kids (US) Directed by Miles Iton
PAFF Programmers’ Award – Documentary Feature
Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes (UK) Directed by Sophie Huber &
Boss: The Black Experience in Business (US) Directed by Stanley Nelson
PAFF Programmers’ Award – Narrative Feature
Lara and the Beat (Nigeria) Directed by Tosin Coker
PAFF Directors’ Award – Feature Documentary
Oliver Tambo: Have You Heard from Johannesburg (South Africa/Netherlands/ UK/US) Directed by Connie Field
PAFF Directors’ Award – Feature Narrative
Nine Nights (UK) Veronica McKenzie
PAFF Directors’ Award – Narrative Short
Bail (UK) Directed by Kwame Lestrade
PAFF Directors’ Award – Documentary Short
Power to Heal (US) Directed by Charles Burnett & Daniel Loewenthal
Audience Award – Short Documentary
Bakosó: Afrobeats de Cuba (US) Directed by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
Audience Audience Award – Narrative Short
Pas Honteux (US) Directed by John D. Tucker
Award – Documentary Feature
Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story (US) Directed by Art L. Jones
Audience Award – Narrative Feature
Rattlesnakes (UK/US) Directed by Julius Amedume

Ricky Richardson is a Southern California based music reviewer, writer and photographer. Contact him via: [email protected]

[email protected]
Ricky Richardson is a Southern California based writer, music reviewer and photographer.



  1. So happy for Matt Nadel and Lukas Cox and their film, 120 Years, winner of Best Short Documentary. 120 Years offers a glimpse into the lives of the individuals our criminal justice system leaves behind—and the extraordinary fight it takes to reverse their fates.

    Matt and Lukas, two students at Yale, made this important and moving film on a $2,200 budget. Amazing!



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