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CNN’s Don Lemon Shows April Ryan the Discussion Isn’t About Kamala Harris’ Blackness. Harris is not #ADOS (American Descendant of Slavery)

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*Don Lemon and April Ryan had a powerful exchange about Kamala Harris‘ Breakfast Club interview, the new hashtag movement #ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery), and being African American in the United States.

Lemon had Ryan on to discuss Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, and opened the floor for Ryan’s opinion on Harris statements on the morning radio show.

At which point Ryan began to talk about how the recent questions about Kamala’s background are similar to what we saw with President Obama. And continued about a argument on being black enough which isn’t the discussion.

Lemon stopped her and showed the nuance that this is not the same as the birther arguments of 2007. In fact, Lemon went further and stated “…to want a distinction to say is she African American there is nothing wrong with that. There is a difference between being African American and (just) being black … All she had to say was I am black, but I am not African American”


Yvette Carnell host of the BreakingBrown Radio show & a co-founder #ADOS said this to Eurweb: “CNN news has finally caught up to the fact that this debate is about lineage and not race, they are finally acknowledging that our debate is about the historical cost of ADOS life in America.

Not some global abstract blackness. Harris and Ryan are muddying the waters by detaching black communities from their arguments. No one is questioning whether Kamala Harris is black in a global sense. We are stating the clear fact she is not #ADOS and therefore not borne of us. We need to see you put forth clear policy aimed specifically at us.”

Attorney and co-founder #ADOS Antonio Moore who host the Radio show Tonetalks on Dash Radio added:

“What Kamala is doing is both inaccurate and further shows she can’t deliver on the needs for #ADOS blacks in America. If you can’t understand this isn’t the birther argument from the right wing as she alludes to in the Breakfast Club interview, how can we trust you to enact any bold policy that targets American Descendants of Slavery. Her bringing up being born in Oakland implies Black Americans across this country that are using #ADOS are not talking about long standing lineage and how that affects your personal drivers for transformative policy. Harris has paraded on websites a persistent desire to list herself as the first African American to achieve so many milestones, and this projects a false progress that #AmericanDOS across this country are locked out from achieving. America owes a repairing to #AmericanDOS, and as MLK said were coming to get out check.”

Moore & Carnell creators of the #ADOS movement that is catching fire were recently interviewed by the Philly Inquirer in the piece “It’s not whether Kamala Harris is ‘black enough,’ critics say, but whether her policies will support native black Americans”, echoing similar sentiments.



  1. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is Indian. Africans were dropped off in ALL of the islands and put into slavery. Considering she was born in Oakland and her father is a descendant of Africa, why can’t she say that she’s an African American? Why can’t she say either/or…Black or African American? You see, this is some of the many reasons we cannot move forward as a cohesive people. We have enough caveats next to our existence, for there not to be any caveats within the Black diaspora. The colorism and the assertion that one has to be a certain type of Black person to be considered a part of the tribe, is utter and complete BS. Does anyone think that if Kamala Harris wasn’t a well-known figure and a rogue cop stopped her, much like they did Sandra Bland, she wouldn’t have a BIG problem like anyone else Black or African American? if you don’t, then Houston, we truly have a problem. Black people spend an extraordinary amount of time tearing each other to shreds, and this is playing right into the hands of those who hate and despise us. We are our own worst enemies and unless we get our minds right, we will forever be at the bottom rung of the food chain.

  2. Negroes are always caught up in some meaningless minutia that is much to do about nothing. Whether Kamala Harris decides to help your black ass or not has nothing to do with defining who she is or what her commitment to you will be. She can be the blackest of black in as many ways as you want to define and still be the most ambivalent and destructive creature to impact your lives. Just consider that unquestionably black useless buffoon, Clarence Thomas, whose been on the US Supreme Court for the last 28 years and has gone out of his way to vote on more draconian rulings that set black folks back than you can count with his skinning and grinning nothing ass. This smells more like a Russian subset of racist propaganda continually injected into the arena of American public discourse to splinter the US society even more than it generally is via racial animus. Once you have been fully splintered and divided employing a conventional warfare invasion will be easy and all that is needed to put all of you splintered ignoramuses into Bolshevik bondage, which has been in competition with these Jim Crow capitalistic pseudo-democratic morays for the last 100 years.

  3. This is all nonsense , it is not about what color you are, it is about you track record of how you TREATED BLACK PEOPLE. What is you record? I don’t give a damn about what color you are, because WHITE supremacy CANNOT PROSPER WITHOUT BLACK COMPLIANCE. This is nothing like what they did to Barack. We as a people need to stop voting Color. if you do, please ask them how are they going to directly affect your neighborhood, and hold them to it. People do your research.

  4. The name America was coined by Martin Waldseemüller from Americus Vespucius, the Latinized version of the name of Amerigo Vespucci (1454–1512), the Italian explorer who mapped South America’s east coast and the Caribbean Sea in the early 16th century. North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. We are All Americans. The US is not the first or sole owner of that title

  5. My two cents says that he was wrong in promoting that perspective. The distinction he promotes is unnecessary and just another way to acquiesce to divide and conquer tactics. Marcus Garvey was not an American Descendent of Slavery, nor was Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael). But they were affected by it and fought against the residuals. To make this type of distinction when we are all oppressed is counterproductive. All Black Lives Matter and all black people have been affected by the slave trade, whether they are descended from American slaves or Brazilian slaves or Trinidadian slaves. There are documented cases of slaves who went where ever their masters took them –to Europe, to the Caribbean wherever. I understand that those trying to make the case for reparations, probably believe that making this distinction bolsters their case but I still believe it is counter productive. It would be good to look at what the Australians did. If I remember correctly, they passed legislation authorizing reparations but few people got it. It was restricted to a certain generation and not transferrable. It seems they had no intention of paying anything. They kept individual cases tied up in the courts. Basically, they just waited for that generation to pass on.

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