Thursday, October 6, 2022

Kanye West: Rapper Sued by Parents of ‘Preaching’ 4-year-old He Sampled

*Kanye West is being sued by the family of the Winnsboro, South Carolina girl heard praying on “The Life of Pablo” track “Ultralight Beam” — which you can hear above.

According to the parents of viral video star Natalie Green, Andrew and Shirley Green, are suing West for using audio of their daughter, who they adopted in 2012. Video of Natalie preaching went viral in January 2016. The parents claim Kanye’s camp sought permission to use her voice from her biological mother Alice Johnson, who is no longer the child’s legal guardian, Vulture reported.

According to TMZ, Natalie’s parents say Alice had no legal right to grant such permission. They also insist that they never got a “written license of payment for the use of Natalie’s voice.”

The Green family reportedly wants part of the profits from sales and royalties for the song, plus damages.

Ye’s team has yet to responded to the lawsuit.

Watch the preaching little girl in action via the video embed below.

News of the lawsuit follows reports of another case against the hitmaker. As we previously reported, West was hit with a suit for $600, 000 by Japanese fabric company Toki Sen-I Co. The company claims the rapper cheated them out of money “by creating a fake company” to avoid paying for the manufacturing of fleece fabric specifically designed for Yeezys and the hip-hop star never paid up.

Via TMZ:

According to the lawsuit, Toki Sen-I Co. claims it struck a deal last June with Ye and Yeezy Apparel in which Toki would manufacture fleece fabric for Yeezys. The company claims it has done business with Kanye in the past and always got paid … until now.

Toki says it manufactured the fleece but they received an email from Yeezy Apparel stating they didn’t intend to go through with the deal.

Toki says it tried settling with Ye and Co., to no avail. And because the fabric is specific to the Yeezy brand, they were unable to sell it to other buyers.

The company wants $624k plus storage fees.

Ny MaGee
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