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An Open Letter to Jessie Jackson: Rev, You Know the Jussie Smollett Story is Not Right

jussie smollett - tux
Jussie Smollett

*The following is an open letter to Jesse Jackson about Jussie Smollett from Robert Oliver, a San Diego based journalist and an IT professional, which he says taught him to look at all angles and ask questions.

“And being a former taxi driver there made me familiar with the nooks and crannies of downtown Chicago, especially where Smollett claims to have been attacked. I have heard opinions from others who live in Chicago and they are not buying his story either.”

So, with that in mind, here is Robert Oliver’s open letter to Jesse Jackson about Jussie Smollett:


First, I saw this item in The Guardian:

“Donald Trump has energized violent bigots including those allegedly behind a horrific attack on actor Jussie Smollett, who was attacked last week in Chicago in what authorities are investigating as a possible hate crime, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson has told the Guardian…’The spirit of demeaning and bullying has been revived,’ Jackson said in a phone interview, adding that he believed Trump was pushing the country towards “a crisis.” —

Rev, you like Trump.  Here is a piece from The New York Times in 1997:

“Donald J. Trump received an ovation when he announced that he would donate office space to Mr. Jackson’s civil rights group, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, in 40 Wall Street, a 72-story building he is renovating.

”’He’s out there pushing for a lot of good things,’ said Mr. Trump, who noted that he and Mr. Jackson had become good friends over the years.” –

This is from The New York Post:

“’We need your building skills, your gusto . . . for the people on Wall Street to represent diversity,’ Jackson, a civil-rights leader, said at a Rainbow Push Coalition event in 1999.

“And at a 1998 event in front of the same organization, Jackson said, ‘I now want to bring forth a friend — well, he is deceptive in that his social style is of such, one can miss his seriousness and commitment to success, which is beyond argument.

“’When we opened this Wall Street project . . . He gave us space at 40 Wall Street, which was to make a statement about our having a presence there.’” —

And here is a video of you and Mr. Trump at one of your Wall Street events in New York City. You praised him publicly at that event:

You and Trump are good friends.

donald trump - jesse jackson
Donald Trump – Jesse Jackson

Second, you are in Chicago. So am I, born and raised there. You and I have met each other several times. You know Streeterville at night. You know the Jussie Smollett “attack” story is BS.

I well know that area where Smollett claims he was attacked by “MAGA” people. I know where the Subway sandwich shop is located. It is a 5- minute walk from his home at luxury high rise North Water Apartments at 340 E. North Water Street, not far from where Oprah Winfrey used to live.

NBC News has the “attack” happening near the service entrance where loading docks are. Residents normally do not go in the service entrance. I do not see why Smollett would have a key to that door. The main entrance is on upper Water Street. Google Earth shows that clearly. And that service entrance was just around the corner from North New Street. Therefore, for this attack to logically take place, the attackers with rope and bleach just coincidentally happened to be there when he turned the corner or they were waiting especially for him to go into an entrance were other residents do not go. That area is not safe at 2 am. Drug addicts, cruisers, homeless, etc. can be found on lower Water Street at that time, not “MAGA” people.

I sent the following to the Chicago Police Department yesterday:

IMPORTANT — Please interview Jussie Smollett again and ask him if and why he went to the service entrance of the North Water Apartments on lower Water which was not safe at all at 2 am. This was reported by NBC News Chicago by Ron Mott.  What was he doing on lower North Water at all at 2 am?  Why did he not go in the regular main entrance?  Also, did building security video have him coming into the main lobby from the service elevator or from the front door upstairs?  If he came in from the front door on upper Water Street, he took the stairs.  He made the lower Water Street location a detour FOR SOME REASON before he went back home from Subway.  If he came in from the service entrance, still why did he go to an unsafe location? Therefore this is a bit of information your investigators should have gotten or should get.  Lower Water Street at 2 am has druggies, cruisers, homeless, etc.  That is not where you would find “white supremacist MAGA people” hanging out.  (By the way, I understand Smollett nor his manager Brandon Moore, who supposedly was on the phone during the attack, DID NOT mention “MAGA country” in the first interview. TMZ reported it as well as reporting a “fractured rib.”  Bogus rib fracture. Possibly bogus “MAGA country” mention as well? If the mention of MAGA country was of any significance, would not that have been at the top of their minds as to a description of the suspects?)   Why did Smollett want to go down there that time in the morning? If everything happened the way he claims it happened, it seems that 2 men with ski masks on, dressed in all black, with rope and bleach were waiting on him and knew him and exactly where he lived and knew he would show up at the service entrance and not the main entrance upstairs. I have no idea what your official statements say, but I have the feeling there are suspicious elements to his story. I personally do not believe him and that he filed a false police report.  You should follow up.  Thank you.

The attached photos show the location of the alleged attack and of the main entrance upstairs on upper Water Street.  There is a security video of him coming in the building after the “attack.” People will investigate if he came in from the service elevator or from the main entrance. The answer will shed a lot of light on this case.

chicago water street pics via robert oliver

Rev, you know that your good friend Donald Trump not was the cause of that bogus attack. And you know the attack was bogus.



Robert Oliver
[email protected]





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