Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Gloria Govan is Claiming Matt Barnes Trickery; Says He Owes Her $23k in Child Support

*Dang, these two (Gloria Govan claims her ex-husband, Matt Barnesare still going at each other … even though they are long divorced and have moved on to other partners.

As far as the latest between them, Govan is claiming Barnes pulled a quick one on her as far custody and child support. She’s also says he owes her $23,000.

Govan (“Basketball Wives“) wants relief from the court concerning the custody arrangement for the kids because, according to court documents, she has been saddled with the children (twins) for more than half the time the last few months. That’s not the way it’s supposed to go. The custody agreement only calls for her to have custody 29% of the time, reports The Blast.

Additionally, Govan acknowledges that the child support she receives was cut from $20,000 to $7,500 a month back in November because of the reduction in custody she received. However, she says the ex-NBAer has not exercised custody in accordance with that deal.

Her beef with Barnes is that he did not pay her for November 2018 or December 2018 and has paid her $3,750 for this month and claims he owes her a total of $23,750 in unpaid support.

The bottom line is that Govan and Barnes will meet up in court next month.  We’ll see what happens.


Derek Fisher, Gloria Govan

In related news, Gloria Govan’s future husband, Derek Fisher,  was named Friday as the new head-coach of the LA Sparks, the team he watched play at Staples Center while helping the Lakers win five NBA championships as their point guard. It’s Fisher’s second stint as a head coach in the pro ranks. He was fired from the New York Knicks in 2016.

And just in case you’re thinking this is a step down or not a good move for Fisher, he counters with an au contraire, mi amigo.

“This opportunity is not a step down, sideways, backwards, somehow different than the men’s game,” Fisher told a room full of media at a downtown hotel, insisting the WNBA isn’t a steppingstone. “There isn’t a future outside of what we’re here to talk about today.”

Read/learn MORE about Derek Fisher’s latest move at ESPN.




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