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THE REAL’s Co-Host Adrienne Houghton and Mo’Nique Make Peace! – WATCH

the real crew (01-31-19)

*On Thursday, Jan. 31, the hosts of The Real discuss if anyone has the right to predict the length of others’ relationships. Also, some schools are turning snow days into at-home “digital learning days” during the current polar vortex – is this good planning or do kids deserve a day to play?  And Royal Correspondent Loni Love gives an update on how Harry and Meghan will be spending their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

Then, co-hosts Tamera Mowry-Housley and Loni jokingly compare notes about their men’s fierce dance moves… or lack thereof.

During Washington, DC Week, the hosts reach out to Lynnette Tucker, a government contractor from Upper Marlboro, MD, and surprise her with $5000 to help with expenses. Lynnette worked without pay during the shutdown but as a contractor, will not receive back pay and won’t receive a paycheck until next week.

And Academy Award® winning actress/comedian Mo’Nique returns and gives her opinion of the Oscars, discusses her Las Vegas residency, and makes peace with The Real’s co-host Adrienne Houghton in an honest conversation!

Loni and Tamera Joke About Dancing With Their Men

The Real Surprises a Viewer From Upper Marlboro, MD With $5000!

What Mo’Nique Thinks About The Oscars

Adrienne and Mo’Nique Make Peace in An Honest Conversation

Adrienne and Mo’Nique Make Peace in An Honest Conversation

Mo’Nique: (To Adrienne Houghton) I know some time ago when I was watching the show and you said, when I did the piece at The Apollo… And you said ‘just because you’re loud, doesn’t make you right’.

Adrienne Houghton: Yeah.

Mo’Nique: And everyone said ‘Mo’Nique, you going to get Adrienne?  Because she threw shade!’ And I said, ‘Listen, Adrienne is a baby.  And she’s not had enough life experience to understand the statement that she’s making.’  I understand it.  That’s why I couldn’t throw shade.

Adrienne: What I love is that we, we’re actually having the conversation.  And I think the ‘loud’ thing and the ‘right’ thing actually wasn’t targeted towards you.  It was target in general to people who say ‘You’re keeping it real’, right?’  And my thing was… which I stand by, and I love what you said right now that if you say something, you should stand by what you say.  And that’s what a show like this is about….

Mo’Nique: Yes.

Adrienne: You can share your opinion, you can share what you think. And that moment, we were watching that clip and obviously there was something said about you can… that…

Mo’Nique: Yes!

Adrienne: Okay. And I was just like, ‘man, yo! But, like Mo’Nique is so dope and has accomplished so much.’ And this was just my opinion.  There’s gotta be a better way to settle this beef between, in my opinion, really dope African American people that are all killin’ it.


Mo’Nique: And when Loni said, ‘you can’t take a clip from her standup and then give your opinion because it’s just a clip.’

Adrienne: Same.

Mo’Nique: And what I did say, I meant as a standup comedian.

Adrienne: Got it.

Mo’Nique: I’m unapologetic for it.  But what happens is, we often times will judge a dynamic and we don’t know what we’re judging.  And when we don’t have the conversations about it, we just walk away with these opinions.  And often times your opinion is misguided.


Loni Love: This is The Real.  We know that there’ve been issues.  There have been so-called issues between me and you (to Mo’Nique), you and her (to Adrienne).  But, we are so real on this show that we allow our sister to come on…

(The Real audience applauds)

Loni: …because she has a show. She has a residency.  She needs to promote it.  And we talk about it.

Adrienne: And I heard loud and… like when you tweeted me, I read that and was like I get that like her experience is nothing like what I’m sure my experience has been.  But what I love about it is that it starts a conversation. And I don’t think you should roll over and let anybody do anything they want to you.

Mo’Nique: And I think what we have to get away from is this…

Loni: What?

Mo’Nique: There’s no beef.

Loni: No.

Adrienne: No. It’s a conversation.

Mo’Nique: There’s no shade.  There’s no spilling tea.  We too grown for that.

Loni: Right.

(The Real audience applauds)

Mo’Nique: It’s simply an honor conversation. So, when people say, ‘Mo’Nique, do you have a beef with Oprah? Do you have a beef with…’ I don’t have a beef with any of them.

Loni: Say it again.

Mo’Nique: What I do have is honest conversation for them.  But I’m too old to have a beef, like, I’m too grown…

Loni: Let ‘em know.

Mo’Nique: .. to do Cardi B. on the red carpet. Though, I appreciated my baby. She said ‘on sight, baby, on sight.’  But, we’ve got to understand as women, and as women of color… that’s why I said to you in that tweet, ‘You my baby and you have not yet faced all of the life experience to make an opinion on a woman that’s 51 years old’ to say ‘this is what I think you should do’ and ‘is there a better way’ until we’ve walked the path…

Adrienne: For sure. Yep.

Mo’Nique: … in someone’s journey… You can’t speak on what you think they should have done with their path or journey. It’s only speaking on yours.

Adrienne: I get it! At 80 years old, I might handle something different that you would handle.  And that’s okay, too.  Thank you so much for being here and having this conversation.

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