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Shanequa Martin-Green Goes Back to African Roots in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Shanequa Martin-Green
Shanequa Martin-Green as Commander Michael Burnham in “Star Trek: Discovery.”

*Shanequa Martin-Greenis back! And goes back to her roots in “Brother.” In this first episode of “Star Trek: Discovery,” Martin-Green’s character is shown in Africa as a child, where her story began.

Before “Star Trek,” Green was impressive in “The Walking Dead” as the one (Sasha Williams) who gave Lucille wielding Negan (Jeffrey DeanMorgan) a run for his money and turned the tables on him.

Groundbreaking, butt kicking Shanequa Martin-Green resumes her role as Commander Michael Burnham on CBS All Access “Star Trek: Discovery” airing Thursdays. I caught up with her backstage at Madison Square Garden during New York Comic Con to ask her about being the first black, female commander and Season 2.

Shanequa, can you tell me if there are any takeaways playing Capt. Burnham?

Oh Gosh, there are so many takeaways. I have learned the cost of service. I have learned the cost of operating as an island because it is not about what you think is best all the time. It’s about the collective and it’s about serving the needs of the many over the needs of the few, a Vulcan proverb but it’s true. And I’ve certainly learned also the cost of arrogance.

Are there real life parallels?

For sure. You see a human in that type of society where there is an inherent superiority and inferiority dynamic. And of course, that speaks directly to me being a black woman in this country, especially in terms of what’s going on right now. This isn’t a political show, but it does make political arguments. It does it in a way that is palatable because it does it through story and through fantasy. 

Shanequa Martin-Green backstage at Madison Square Garden NYC. (Marie Moore Photo)

What are some noteworthy moments this season?

The Red Angel is the big mystery of season. The Red Angel appears to Burnham at a very, very critical moment. Spock has also seen this Red Angel earlier in his mind.

I’m also excited about my husband appearing on the show. He’s brilliant and makes an indelible contribution. So yeah, I’m very excited about that.

More interviews with cast members to come. Stay tuned!       Twitter: @thefilmstrip.

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