Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Plug for Your 2019 Level-Up is Celebrity Credit Guru James Hunt

Tank and James Hunt
Tank and James Hunt

*By now, word has circulated nationwide about James Hunt, the “Celebrity Credit Guru” and wealth magnet who has helped countless celebrity clients to completely level up their lives heading into 2019. Not only has he assisted entertainers and athletes in purchasing (not renting) their plush estates and fancy cars, but he enables them to do so with the heavy burden of debt lifted entirely from their shoulders. Now they can secure the bag….and keep it.

“What separates me from others in the credit industry is that anything I say I can do, I do it,” Hunt said. “I have rappers, Hollywood actors and actresses, NBA players and NFL players who fly into Atlanta just to see me, or they fly me to wherever they are. I pull up their credit reports and we get straight to work.”

Hunt doesn’t just repair their credit, but he educates his clients about the process of maintaining good credit. Of course, if they mess it up, he is just a phone call away.

Client’s like Akon, LA Lakers player Michael Beasley, Waka Flocka Flame, Tiny Harris, Larenz Tate, Bow Wow, Tank, Cardi B, Offset, Tisha Campbell and many others rely on his services and expertise. Not only is he the go-to guy for credit, he is also the plug to the banks, loan officers, car dealers and top real estate agents.

In a Christmas Day Instagram post, R&B Singer Tank shared his “secret” with the world after recently purchasing his new multi-million dollar home for his wife and kids just in time for the holiday.

“Since I lost my second house in 2006, I’ve been leasing, throwing away money, giving away money to the landlords,” Tank said. “They’ve been getting rich off of me.” He continues: “My credit was horrible. I couldn’t move freely the way I wanted to move in this financial system. Guess what? My credit is now right. I own all this (referring to his new home)…. My gift to you is the guy who helped me get it, James Hunt…..” Stop making other people rich. Stop making other owners rich. Become an owner yourself, get your credit right. I am giving you this gift!”

After squaring away Tank’s credit, Hunt connected the singer to real estate agent Lisa Bennett and a loan officer and dispatched them to LA to make sure Tank could move into his home of choice.


For Los Angeles Lakers player Michael Beasley, he scoured BMW dealerships from coast to coast for the athlete’s birthday present, the rare 2019 BMW M850. It was extremely difficult to get, but when Beasley issued the request, Hunt contacted every resource he had.

By the end of the day, the only one available was located and the $150,000 vehicle was secured for him. That was the sixth car he secured for Beasley in the last six months – all possible because Hunt was able to bring his poor credit up to a score in the 790’s.

The transparency of stars like Michael Beasley and Tank encourage other celebrities to place their egos aside and get financial boos they need.

Hunt is working with other Hollywood actors on their new homes, and other athletes like New York Giants player Bobby Hart. These are only a few examples of how far Hunt goes for his celebrity clients.

What is the key to his success? Well, aside from a true passion for his work and a drive that is unmatched, Hunt also says that a professional cabinet is absolutely essential.

“If you are going to be successful in business, you have to have a cabinet,” he said. “For mine, I have realtors, finance managers and many other people and together we make it happen.”

Hunt doesn’t only work with celebrities. Anyone who wants to improve their financial future can reach out to him. They should visit his website at and also follow him on Instagram at @whoisjameshunt to see posts and testimonies from his many satisfied customers.





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