Wednesday, January 19, 2022

K Michelle Shares Video of Son Opening Bank Account and Buying Land


*Singer K. Michelle hopes parents are inspired by her move to help her son invest in his future.

The part-time reality star took to social media to reveal that she had her son open a bank account and buy land that will increase in value later, reported.

Kimberly posted a video on her Instagram page that showed Chase signing paperwork to open his own savings account.

The 36-year-old Tennessee native captioned the video:

“Starting off my new year opening up Chase’s bank account and buying him land. LAND is what our ancestors fought for we have to buy more land and less chains and shit. He is the only thing I’ve worked hard for is HIM and my family. The perfect way to start 2019.”

Check out her IG post below.

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*The R&B songstress was recently put on blast by the “cussing” pastor who spilled the tea about K. being evicted from her mansion.

The drama all started after she “viciously attacked” Memphis judge Lonnie Thompson on her Instagram page.

She wrote:

“Memphians, next year I will be standing fighting for the two women that this judge has beat, locked in the closet, and slipped something in her drink,” the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star said of Thompson on Instagram Dec. 22 accompanied by a screenshot of a 2014 article about accusations of sexual harassment against him. “He often rules against most BLACK people and he has destroyed several African American Families. They have to stop throwing us in jail, judging us unfairly, and treating African American women any kind of way. This year is the year of action 2019. We must stop talking and act. Memphis we are strong we are better then this. I’m fighting for something, you should also!”

Kimberly claims the judge was unfair against Black women and therefore needed to be put in jail. But as we previously revealed, the cussing pastor was quick to defend the judge.

Thaddeus Matthews, aka cussing pastor, says K. michelle is simply pissed because the judge recently evicted her from her mansion.

“K.Michelle went on social media and viciously attacked a Memphis Judge with allegations that long been proven as lies. But her reason for attacking the judge is because he ruled against her in an eviction hearing,” wrote the Pastor.” Michelle was renting a $2 million mansion where she was $70,000 behind in her $10,000 a month rent payments. After being given notice by the landlord to vacate she placed dog food in the attic to attract rodents, she also took Pink paint and painted the very expensive wood work. So that she can’t lie my sources has provided me with her complete eviction jacket.”

Read the rest of the tea here.

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