Friday, May 24, 2024

D.L. Hughley Supports Serena Williams, Says Women Get Unfairly Penalized While Men Catch Breaks [WATCH]

*D.L. Hughley has come to Serena Williams’ defense and supports her claim that women get unfairly penalized for things men do all the time.

A TMZ photog caught up with the comedian at LAX Sunday and asked if Serena was justified in her outburst against an umpire overseeing her and Naomi Osaka’s match Saturday at the US Open finals — after the guy took a point away from her, and then a whole game.

She called him a thief at the time and later noted that male players have spewed harsher words and are hardly reprimanded as severely as she was.

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D.L. cited historic outbursts from tennis champs Andre Agassi and John McEnroe … who once called an umpire a “jerk” and demanded he be replaced mid-game.


D.L. also pointed to Martha Stewart, who allegedly illegally pocketed around $40,000 and was sentenced to 5 months in prison in 2004. He believes a high-profile man caught up in a similar case probably wouldn’t have seen jail time.

Do you agree?

Scroll up and watch what he had to say about the controversy via the clip above.


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