Friday, October 22, 2021

Kehlani Details ‘Prenatal Depression’ in Lengthy Instagram Post


*Singer Kehlani has opened up about her struggle with prenatal depression as she approaches the third trimester of her pregnancy.

According to studies, prenatal depression affects 4% to 20% of women and includes feelings of worry, sadness, and anxiety.

The 23-year-old songstress surprised fans in October when she announced she was expecting her first child with her bisexual bandmate. On Sunday night, she wrote a lengthy post detailing her complicated pregnancy.

She wrote, “I’ve been getting lots of preggie folks saying i been making it look easy, and how they wish their pregnancy was/is going the same as mine seems to be…. I will say this: the internet makes everything look lovely and wonderful. Two days away from the 3rd trimester and this has been the hardest thing ever. From not knowing anything about prenatal depression nor understanding it while it’s been hitting me like a bag of bricks, to being very isolated and alone internally and externally these days, to just the normal terrible sleep/no appetite/anxiety.”

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my mama said imma regret it if i don’t take more pictures.

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She continued, “The struggle to recognize your body in the mirror, the struggle to not feel like no matter what, no one understands. It terrifies me a lot to be this vulnerable online but i get support (which is EVERYTHING to me) & am told the support by me in this form is helpful. Any people experiencing prenatal depression… what’s been helping me is: talking about it, sharing, reminding myself isolation doesn’t have to be the answer, waking up early and getting OUT of bed to get sun. Music, music, music playing all the time. Bird sounds/nature on a noise machine or just a phone and speaker, reading, breathing, meditating even for small amounts of time. Snacking as much as i can on fresh things, staying hydrated, Disney movies help me too. Mommy/parent pages on Instagram where people share their stories and journeys help a lot.”

Kehlani is expecting a baby girl with her partner Javie Young-White.

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