Tuesday, August 9, 2022

‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Exclusive Clip: ‘You Can Have a Ho, But Don’t Take Her Home!’ [WATCH]

*On the season finale of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Bow Wow receives some hard-hitting advice from singer and reality TV star Masika Kalysha regarding the state of his romantic life and the types of women he goes after.

“I’m back on the block,” he says, referring to a recent breakup. “I’m in a good space,” he adds.

“If you wanna have a ho, that’s fine, but don’t take her home!” she warns in our EXCLUSIVE GUHHATL preview clip… watch it above.  

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Bow’s personal struggles with depression and relationship woes have been documented this season, and his reaction to life’s challenges was the center of several conversations among the cast, including Deb Antney and Jermaine Dupri.

Bow Wow even clashed with co-star Da Brat, who previously demanded that he apologize for his bratty behavior.

“Even though Bow tries my nerves, it’s hard to stay mad at him, ’cause I mean Bow’s been family since we was kids, and we all grew up together,” Da Brat said in the Oct. 25 episode. “You know, he’s just cocky and don’t listen, but he’s really a good kid inside. He just don’t ever get no damn discipline, and we always forgive his a**.

Bow said Da Brat will always be a “big sis to me, no matter what.”

Don’t miss the season finale of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” Thursday, December 20 at 9 pm ET/PT on WE tv.

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