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THE REAL Welcomes Hill Harper & Keke Palmer!

the real - the real crew (12-12-18)

*On Wednesday, Dec. 12, the ladies of The Real discuss women helping women while traveling and the need to pay it forward. Also, especially during “cuffing season,” what is an appropriate amount of time to wait before making a move on someone who just went through a breakup? Co-host Jeannie Mai weighs in and urges people to be sensitive.

Actor Hill Harper stops by to talk about his role on The Good Doctor, and also about his new skin care line including body oil which he demonstrates on co-host Loni Love!

And actor Keke Palmer visits as well, to chat about her new movie Pimp, and reveals she may have some big plans for new tattoos!

Jeannie Urges You To Be Sensitive To Your Ex When You Start Dating Again

Hill Harper Demonstrates His New Body Oil on Loni!

Keke Palmer Has Some Big Tattoo Plans!

Jeannie Urges You To Be Sensitive To Your Ex When You Start Dating Again

Jeannie Mai: I think, like, it depends on the positioning of who broke up with who, you know? I initiated divorce, and for me, I wanted to wait at least a year, just out of respect for everything, you know, like even the emotions that naturally come on both sides for divorce, but when I saw that he had moved on, it actually released me to think, “Oh, ok we’re good!” And it made me so happy, honestly, because you never want to be that person that leaves someone else in a broken state of heart or think that – you never want them to think that they’re damaged goods. So at that point, for me, I just think that – not only should it be ok for you to move on when you’re ready, but just know that if you’re dating somebody who has gone through a breakup, especially divorce, that they’re going to process some emotions and you may be on the receiving end for some of those. And to just be gentle about that. Be considerate.

Adrienne Houghton: I think – I think…

(The Real audience applauds)

Loni Love: Are you dating – you’re dating now?

Jeannie: I am dating now. I am dating now – for me, it’s ok because…

(The Real audience applauds)

Jeannie: Thank you! [Makes phone sign, mouths “call me”]

Loni: That’s right girl!

Jeannie: I’m just kidding! No, I’m dating now because I love, love you guys. I’m a hopeless romantic.

Loni: Me too!

Jeannie: I love love! I believe in love! I believe in love for everybody else! I believe for him, for you, for everybody, and I really enjoy life, and I like what you can learn with other people beside you. I think you learn a lot about yourself, and I spent the year giving myself so much love – that shoot, I’m full of it, I’m ready to just like – share it.

(The Real audience applauds)

Adrienne: I love that! Something you just said that I think is so significant is –

Loni: You having sex?

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Oh my god!

Adrienne: Oh my god!

Jeannie: LONI!

Tamera: Loni! Loniiiiiiiii. Moving on….

Jeannie: Yes, I’m having sex!

Loni: OK!

(The Real audience applauds)

Loni: That’s right! That’s right, girl! You live your life!



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